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Concealer & Contour Palette

Flawless complexion in 2 seconds from Leecosmetic pro concealer contour factory.

Benefit of coordinating the colors of each concealer product with a foundation or powder is they will be more easily blended together, while their colors compliment each other.

These compact, convenient concealer contours are perfect for both light and dark skin tones and are scented with our favorite, either vanilla or strawberry. Whether your goal is to cover blemishes or add that extra charm to your look, this is the best product for the job.

Enhance your appearance with a top-selling concealer highlighter and cover-up for oily and dry skin. Moisturizing and long-wearing, this innovative formula wears and looks like a liquid, but will never dry out or crack into fine lines like powders. Blending in seamlessly at first, the buildable contour effect is airbrushed on and disappears over time. Skin-loving, it’s perfect for enhancing your cheekbones, your jawline, and more. Welcome to wholesale pro concealer highlighter contour from Leecosmetic factory.

Leecosmetic is one of leading private label concealer & contour manufactuers and suppliers from China. Full Coverage & Super Waterproof Formula.Contact us right now and experience our difference from others!