Terms and Conditions

Objective- The purpose of this contract is to manage the contractual relationship for the purchase and sale of cosmetic products which arises between the provider and the user when the user accepts the corresponding box during the online contracting process. The relationship of purchase and sale entails the delivery, in exchange for a determined price and publicly displayed through the website, of the selected product of the user’s choice. Acceptance of the conditions of sale The Customer, via e-mail confirmation of his purchase order, unconditionally accepts and undertakes to comply with his relations with the online shop, the general and payment conditions are those indicated, declaring to have read and accepted all the indications which were given to him in the terms of the aforementioned regulations, and also taking into account that the online shop itself is only bound by the conditions established in writing.

Registry- The registered user may have access to their customer file at any time by identification and authentication of user and password, a history of orders, and personal data loaded in My Account, which may be modified, or canceled at any time except the mandatory fields for the proper provision of the contracted service, and marked with an asterisk indicating mandatory product selected at the user’s choice. The provider will keep a copy of the order and of the acceptance of these conditions, which will only be accessible to personnel authorized by the provider and only in the cases necessary for verification purposes.

Guarantee- LeeCosmetic guarantees the quality and reliability of the products for a period indicated by the expiry date of the product which ends up the moment when the goods have been modified or disassembled. The guarantee does not cover the faults caused by wear and tear, inadequate working conditions, or the non-observance of any other recommended installation and maintenance instructions.

Returns shipment- Any and all returns which are not caused by us are subject to the prior written approval of our field service or our service team at our headquarters. If we accept a return, we shall be entitled to deduct a handling and processing fee of 10% of the price we invoiced for the returned goods when crediting the customer. We only accept returns of goods which were ordered within the past three months counting from the date of our invoice. The goods which are not listed in our present price lists for specialized retailers or whose appearance has been changed will not be accepted as returns.

Terms of payment- All our prices shall be net on an ex-factory or ex-warehouse basis excluding packaging, freight, transportation, and insurance plus sales or value-added tax, if applicable unless expressly otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing. Except as otherwise expressly agreed to in writing by us, all payments due us by Customer should be facilitated by causing a bank acceptable to us to issue and deliver to us an irrevocable letter of credit for each order assuring payment.