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Lip Liner Wholesale Private Label

Shop a wide range of vegan lip liners wholesale with no label or no logo. As a lip liner wholesale private label supplier, Leecosmetic offers a range of high-quality lip crayon and lip liner products with GMP and ISO certifications. Our lip liners are available in long-lasting, matte, glossy, and moisturizing formulas.

Contact Leecosmetic today to explore their extensive range of private-label lip liner products.

Leecosmetic lip liner crayons are beautifully designed and formulated with an organic and natural mineral mix. They come in an array of precision-crafted colours and we have a long-lasting liner that enhances the natural lip contour. We offer a lip liner crayon and liner pencil in various shades with natural ingredients and vegan-friendly. Our lip liner can be used as a lip pencil or an lip crayon. Become organic lip liner queen with our "lip liner crayon" These colorful crayons are soft, creamy, and come with a sharpener on the back, so you'll always have pencil-sharp lines. The award-winning formula is waterproof and built to last all day. Now selling lip liner wholesale, organic, waterproof in a wide range of colors, distinct brand, contact professional lip liner manufacturer.