OEM cosmetics production: customized cosmetics production solutions for brands

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global cosmetics OEM market is expected to reach US$56.6 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% during the forecast period.

The same report states that the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing market for OEM cosmetics, driven by growing demand in countries such as China, Japan and India.

A study by Euromonitor International found that more than 70% of beauty and personal care brands use OEM manufacturers.

It can be seen that the importance of the OEM production in the cosmetics industry is self-evident, and more and more brands and cosmetics entrepreneurs are cooperating with OEM manufacturers.


About OEM cosmetics production


In the OEM cosmetics production model, brand owners leave the design, production and sales of cosmetics to professional manufacturers, while the brand owners themselves focus on the sales and promotion of their products.

Brand owners only need to provide product requirements and design plans, and manufacturers will produce cosmetic products that meet the standards as required.

Since OEM manufacturers generally have strong manufacturing capabilities and many years of industry experience, low labor costs, and very complete quality management systems, they can basically produce all types of products on the market.

And the most critical thing is that OEM cosmetics manufacturers can ensure that your final needs are achieved, consistent with your brand image and customer expectations.

After product delivery, OEM manufacturers usually provide after-sales services, including product quality problem handling, product technical support, etc.

Why do cosmetic brands cooperate with OEM manufacturing?


High initial investment: Establishing a cosmetics production line requires a large investment, including purchasing equipment, building factories, hiring workers, purchasing raw materials, etc. This is a huge risk for start-up brands or brands with limited funds.

Insufficient production technology and experience: Cosmetic manufacturing involves complex processes and technologies, including raw material proportioning, mixing, filling, packaging. If a brand does not have its own production team and experience, it is difficult to guarantee product quality.

Supply chain management issues: Cosmetics production requires the use of a variety of raw materials and packaging materials. If the brand does not have a complete supply chain management system, the supply of raw materials may be unstable.

Capacity and scale limitations: If a brand relies entirely on its own production lines, it may be limited by capacity and scale. When market demand increases, if the production scale cannot be expanded in time, market opportunities may be missed.

Dispersed brand focus: Brands need to invest a lot of energy and resources in product research and development, marketing and brand building. If they are also responsible for production and manufacturing, it may cause the brand’s focus to be dispersed and affect the overall development of the brand.


Benefits of OEM Cosmetics Production


First of all, OEM cosmetics production is usually carried out by specialized production companies with rich experience and technology, which can ensure the high quality and safety of cosmetics.

Secondly, through OEM cosmetics production, brands do not need to invest a lot of money to purchase equipment or set up production lines, and only need to focus on product design and sales. In addition, the OEM production model can also obtain more favorable prices for raw materials and packaging materials, as well as lower labor costs, further reducing production costs.

Third, OEM cosmetics production has mature production processes and management systems and can quickly respond to market demand. Brands can launch new products faster to meet consumer demand.

Fourth, OEM cosmetics production provides brand owners with a full range of services from raw material procurement to packaging and distribution, greatly reducing brand owners’ production risks.

You do not need to worry about quality issues or supply chain risks during the production process.


How to choose the best OEM/ODM manufacturer?


1.Experience and expertise

Look for manufacturers who have experience and expertise in your industry and product type.

Leecosmetic is an excellent cosmetics manufacturer founded in 2013, with more than 10 years of cosmetics manufacturing experience.

If you need cosmetics OBM/ODM/OEM services, please visit: https://leecosmetic.com/oem-odm-obm/

OEM cosmetics production

2.Quality Control

Make sure the manufacturer has a robust quality control system in place to ensure the product meets your quality standards.

Leecosmetic has long been ISO and GMP certified and has an experienced professional team specializing in the production of high-quality cosmetic products.


3.Production Capacity

Consider the manufacturer’s production capacity, delivery times, and ability to scale up production.

In China, leecosmetic has the most powerful manufacturing capabilities. It has 20 automated production lines, including automatic powder pressing, lipstick filling and packaging lines, with a total monthly production capacity of approximately 1,500k pcs/month.


4.Customer support

Look for a manufacturer that communicates clearly and promptly and provides good customer support.

You can contact leecosmetic customer service to get free consultation and quotation plans: https://leecosmetic.com/contact-us/



Compare pricing and costs from several potential manufacturers to make sure your product is priced competitively.


How does Leecosmetic help OEM/ODM cosmetics manufacturing?

Leecosmetic is an excellent cosmetics manufacturer founded in 2013. It adheres to the three principles of customer first, high quality and affordable price, and can provide you with OEM cosmetics manufacturing and ODM/private brand services.

It provides one-stop private label or OEM services to meet various skin types and budget needs.

The factory is equipped with automated machines to ensure high efficiency and high quality. The company customizes formulas, strictly controls quality, then carries out bulk mixing, powder pressing and product assembly, and finally designs packaging and labels that meet customer needs.

Services include product development, packaging design, production and quality control. We work closely with our clients to ensure their specific requirements are met and help them establish their brand image.


Top 10 OEM Cosmetics Manufacturers



Located in Baiyun Eva International Cosmetic Purchasing Center, Guangzhou, China.

Products: eyeshadows, lip gloss, foundations, eyeliners, concealers & contours, highlighters & bronzers.

contact imformation: https://leecosmetic.com/contact-us/

Guangzhou Leecosmetic




Country & City: South Korea, Seoul

Established Date: 1992

Product Category: Cosmetics, health functional foods



Country & City: Italy, Agrate Brianza (headquarters)

Established Date: 1972

Product Category: Cosmetics (makeup, skincare, hair & body)


4.Kolmar Korea

Country & City: South Korea, Seoul

Established Date: 1990

Product Category: Cosmetics, health functional foods, pharmaceuticals


5.Cosmecca Korea

Country & City: South Korea, Yongin-si (headquarters)

Established Date: 1999

Product Category: Cosmetics (makeup, skincare, hair & body)


6.Schwan Cosmetics

Country & City: Germany, Heroldsberg (headquarters)

Established Date: 1927

Product Category: Cosmetics (pencils, sticks, liquids, powders)


7.Maesa Group

Country & City: France, Paris (headquarters)

Established Date: 1997

Product Category: Cosmetics (haircare, color cosmetics, fragrance and skincare)


8.HCT Group

Country & City: USA, Santa Monica, CA (headquarters)

Established Date: 1992

Product Category: Cosmetics (pencils, sticks, liquids, powders)


9.Ancorotti Cosmetics

Country & City: Italy, Crema (headquarters)

Established Date: 2009

Product Category: Cosmetics (makeup and skincare products)



Country & City: Germany, Sulzbach (headquarters)

Established Date: 2001

Product Category: Cosmetics (makeup and skincare products)



Korean Cosmetics Manufacturers: Giants of the OEM/ODM Sector


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