7 Steps to Building a private label brand of Lip Gloss: From Manufacturing to Brand Marketing

With the improvement of women’s economic status and changes in consumption concepts, the cosmetics market capacity has expanded rapidly.

Among them, lip gloss is becoming more and more popular, and many companies have launched their own unique formulas. According to a report, the lip gloss market will be worth US$12,063.33 million in 2031, which is a huge market.

Lip gloss differs from regular lipstick in that due to its specific ingredients, lip gloss lasts longer and remains on the lips for a longer period of time. Just a few swipes of lip gloss will give your lips a naturally vibrant look that lasts all day long. Additionally, lip glosses are usually slightly more water-resistant than regular lipsticks and won’t dry out your lips when applied.

However, there are many lip gloss brands on the market and brand competition is fierce. Various brands are constantly launching new products and researching new technologies and materials to improve market competitiveness.

At the same time, various brands are also trying to improve consumer reputation and attract more consumers by improving social media reviews.


How to create your own private label brand of lip gloss?


1.Market research

The first step in building a private brand of lip gloss is to research the target market, understand the needs, preferences and trends of the target customer groups, and do a good job in market positioning. Let’s take a look at a recent set of data:


(1) Data: In 2024, the lip gloss market will reach US$38.5 billion.

Data show that the global lip gloss market size is expected to grow from US$7089.7 million in 2022 to US$12063.33 million in 2031, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.1%.

Among them, the Asia-Pacific region is the largest lip gloss market, accounting for more than 40% of global lip gloss sales, while Europe and North America account for about 25% and 20% of the global market share respectively.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the latest lip gloss trends:

In 2024, the lip gloss market will reach US$38.5 billion


(2) Lip makeup trends: from minimalism to maximalism

Bi-Tone Lips: Two-Tone Lips are an art of contrast that is making a splash in the beauty world in 2024. It uses two complementary shades to create a unique look. For example, you can use a light peach color on your upper lip and a terracotta color on your lower lip. It is very wearable and suitable for those who like to experiment.

Bi-Tone Lips

Bright colors: In 2024 you can try saying goodbye to conservative tones and try vibrant, bold colors like bright lip gloss, electric blue or radiant red, they are in trend.

Pastels and nudes: Pastels and nudes have a calming feel and are perfect for those who prefer a subtle look. From romantic pinks to neutral beiges, the shades are softer and more versatile.

Metallic luster and color change: In the future, metallic luster and color change similar to Hi-Lo Glamor will increase the 3D sense of makeup.

Pastels and nudes

Timeless Red: The classic red lip that never fades is here to stay, exuding confidence, power and sexiness. Whether it’s matte or glossy, it’s a good choice.


2.Develop a label brand conceptof Lip Gloss

When formulating a lip gloss brand concept, you must first clarify the target audience, understand the age, occupation and other factors of potential customers, meet their psychological expectations, and then determine the core value and positioning of the brand.

The brand concept should highlight product features (such as gentle, challenging), and establish emotional connections with consumers, arouse their emotions, and create associations.

Develop a label brand concept of Lip Gloss


3.Lip gloss product development

If you have your own factory, you can then start to develop product line strategies, including lip gloss colors, packaging, etc., and ensure that product quality meets standards.

If you do not have your own manufacturing factory, you can consider cooperating with OEM manufacturers, which will lower the cost and ensure the quality of the Lip gloss. These OEMs usually have professional equipment and technology and can produce various types and specifications of lip gloss products according to customer requirements.


Recommended OEM manufacturers of lip gloss

Leecosmetic provides OEM lip gloss manufacturing and ODM/private brand services.

Leecosmetic has passed ISO and GMP certification and has an experienced professional team to produce high-quality lip gloss products, with services including product development, packaging design, production and quality control. We work closely with our clients to ensure their specific requirements are met and help them establish their lip gloss brand image.

OEM cosmetics production

Leecosmetic provides one-stop private label or OEM services to meet the needs of various skin types and budgets. The factory is equipped with automated machines to ensure high efficiency and high quality.

The company customizes formulas, strictly controls quality, then carries out bulk mixing, powder pressing and product assembly, and finally designs packaging and labels that meet customer needs.


4.Packaging design

Develop an attractive lip gloss product packaging design that is consistent with the brand concept and establishes brand recognition.

Regarding product development and design, many lip gloss brands and companies choose to outsource production to specialized manufacturers, such as the well-known Leecosmetic company, which provides ODM private label services and can provide one-stop manufacturing of design, manufacturing, and packaging.

Packaging design


5.Marketing promotion

Marketing lip gloss products through social media, blogs, beauty websites and other channels has become a major trend.

When displaying the features and advantages of lip gloss on social media, you should focus on emotional expression, cooperate with opinion leaders and beauty bloggers to promote it, and use their popularity and recommendations to gain sales. Or by holding events or competitions, you can increase the brand exposure of your lip gloss brand in the short term.


6.Channel cooperation

To find a suitable sales channel for lip gloss, you can sell it through online platforms, physical stores or cooperative stores. However, at the beginning, you can try to enter the sales channel that you are good at.

For example, it cooperates with beauty retailers to expand online and offline sales channels, establish brand image, and work with channel partners to promote sales.

Channel cooperation


7.Customer service

Provide high-quality customer service, such as free and timely pre-sales service, to help customers answer questions about the purchase and use of various lip glosses, so that customers can buy with confidence.

In order to establish a good reputation as a lip gloss brand and actively respond to customer feedback, especially after-sales relief, if consumers have any complaints or suggestions, they should actively record them and treat them as important market information to adjust production.




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