Leecosmetics attends BeautyEurasia 2024 to showcase innovative private label beauty products

From June 12 to 14, 2024, the 19th BeautyEurasia was held in Turkey at the Istanbul Expo Center. As a well-known private label cosmetics manufacturer, LeeCosmetic made a wonderful appearance at the BeautyEurasia exhibition, showcasing the latest innovative private label beauty products and attracting a lot of industry attention.

As one of the most important beauty industry exhibitions in Eurasia, BeautyEurasia is an important exhibition connecting the beauty product industry chain in Europe and Asia. Leecosmetics was invited to participate in this major event to communicate and cooperate with global industry experts, distributors, and manufacturers, and establish deeper connections with them. The exhibition was well attended.

According to Filiz Mehmedova, the exhibition director of BeautyEurasia, in 2023, the exhibition welcomed 19,799 visitors from 128 countries, of which 27% were international visitors. And the number of participants in 2024 will only be greater than last year.

Leecosmetics attends BeautyEurasia 2024

At the booth, LeeCosmetic displayed the latest high-quality makeup, skin care and personal care product lines, demonstrating its pursuit of innovation. Our professional team showed visitors the product features, raw material sources and manufacturing processes, winning unanimous praise from exhibitors.

In this exhibition, Leecosmetics displayed more private label cosmetics samples than ever before, with richer product varieties, more novel product packaging designs, and product functions that better meet the needs of current customers. These trend-setting new products attracted customers from various countries to communicate and inquire about the service content and prices of private label cosmetics. While purchasing our new products, exhibitors also communicated and discussed closely with us to seek more profitable cooperation opportunities, promote corporate development, and obtain more profits.

Leecosmetics attends BeautyEurasia 2024

LeeCosmetic’s representative said: “We are honored to participate in BeautyEurasia, an international beauty exhibition, which provides us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our products, expand our business and establish connections. Our products pay more attention to quality, innovation and sustainability, refuse animal testing, and use natural and environmentally friendly raw materials. We hope to bring more surprises to the future cosmetics market.”

In addition to displaying our products, Leecosmetics is also communicating with visitors face to face, collecting various market information, and obtaining instant feedback from potential customers, so that our cosmetics manufacturing always leads the market trend.

Leecosmetics attends BeautyEurasia 2024


About LeeCosmetic

LeeCosmetic is a company focusing on the manufacturing of private label cosmetics, committed to providing high-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly beauty products to serve global customers. Through unremitting efforts and a spirit of excellence, LeeCosmetic has established a good reputation and reputation in the industry.

Contact information:

Contact person: AMY


Whatsapp: +86 13560406959

Telephone: +86 13560406959


About Private Label Cosmetics

If you need to entrust a professional cosmetics manufacturer to produce cosmetics and use your company’s brand and packaging, you are welcome to contact leecosmetic.

Leecosmetic will produce high-quality cosmetics for you, and then you will sell the cosmetics in your designated channels, such as stores, websites or direct sales. Through our strong manufacturing capabilities and high-level service standards, we can customize and create cosmetics with unique advantages for you, establish a professional brand image for you, and highlight your competitive advantages.

Advantages of private label cosmetics:

1.Brand customization: Customize formulas, packaging and designs according to your needs.

2.Low cost: Compared with self-development and production, private label cosmetics have lower costs, reduce investment risks, and you get more profits.

3.Quick time to market: Based on leecosmetic’s strong manufacturing capabilities, it can effectively reduce product development cycles and quickly launch new products.

4.Uniqueness: The product line can be flexibly adjusted according to market trends.



Leecosmetic Beauty Eurasia 2023 Participation


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