About Private Label Makeup Remover Manufacturing: Process, Quality Control

Nowadays, most girls will dress up carefully before going out shopping. They will choose their favorite outfits and spend an hour or even longer on makeup, which shows how much they value this matter.

But when girls go home with tired bodies, they definitely hope to have a makeup remover that can quickly dissolve and clean makeup so that they can relax at home. Moreover, removing makeup in time after returning home can avoid skin problems caused by makeup residue, such as clogged pores, acne, blackheads and other skin problems. However, if the makeup remover is of poor quality, it may affect skin health.

So what should the best makeup remover be like? In addition to being able to effectively remove makeup residue, a good makeup remover can also clean skin dirt, oil and environmental pollutants, avoid clogging pores at night, and allow the skin to repair. Moreover, a good makeup remover can help you improve the absorption effect of subsequent skin care products, so that skin care products are absorbed by the skin and play the maximum effect.

private label makeup remover

Due to its wide use, the market value of makeup removers has expanded rapidly. According to data from Transparency Market Research Inc., the makeup remover market value exceeded $2 billion in 2021, and sales of makeup remover products are expected to exceed $4.3 billion by 2031. Under this trend, the market is constantly innovating and developing, which has also prompted many companies to start producing private-label makeup removers.

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The current major global makeup remover brands

Bifesta, Bobbi Brown Professional Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Estee Lauder Companies, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, L’Oréal Group, LVMH, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Shiseido, The Body Shop International, Unilever.

There are more private-label makeup remover brands being established and expanded, and they are more inclined to target niche markets and produce cosmetics for different skin colors, genders, and ages.



How to make the best private-label makeup remover?

Generally speaking, the process of private-label makeup removers is: market positioning, formula design, procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and sterilization, quality control and other processes.


1.Formulate a clear market positioning for makeup removers

If cosmetics brands follow the old model and manufacture popular makeup removers, it seems to be increasingly difficult. According to the law of marketing, it is recommended that you enter the market from the segmented market first, including target groups, pricing strategies, packaging design, etc., to lay the foundation for subsequent manufacturing and marketing.


2.Makeup remover formula design

After the market positioning of the makeup remover product is determined, it is necessary to understand the specific needs of the target group. Then, the makeup remover R&D experts should design the makeup remover formula based on these data, including cleaning ingredients, moisturizing ingredients, preservatives, and fully design the proportion of each ingredient, and keep the formula confidential.

In layman’s terms, most women hope that your makeup remover is gentle and non-irritating, can effectively dissolve makeup, and easily clean the skin without causing any damage to the skin. Therefore, do not choose irritating ingredients in the formula materials of makeup removers, and consider the characteristics of various skins.

Of course, the most important goal of makeup removers is to completely remove makeup, including waterproof makeup and long-lasting makeup, so that the skin is clean and thorough without leaving any residue. It is best to have a moisturizing function to avoid excessive cleaning that causes dry skin.


3.Purchase the raw materials for makeup remover

When the formula design is completed, the demand for purchasing raw materials should be determined according to the demand of your target market, including the name, quantity and supplier name of the purchased raw materials. When choosing a raw material supplier, you must consider whether its raw materials meet safety standards.

After ensuring that safety standards are met, it is recommended that you give priority to suppliers with many years of experience. In addition, you can ask the supplier not to provide raw materials containing irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors, etc. It is recommended to choose natural ingredients.

natural ingredients


4.Manufacturing of makeup remover: Cooperation with OEM/ODM manufacturers

When the raw material supplier and formula are determined, do you want to invest heavily to set up a factory and recruit workers? Don’t be so anxious to do it. Investing in building a factory requires a lot of investment and bears huge risks. Once the equipment is put into production, it may also cause a lot of losses due to rapid changes in the market.

Generally speaking, most brands will cooperate with private label makeup remover manufacturers, such as leecosmetics, the best private label makeup remover manufacturer at present. In the field of cosmetics design and manufacturing, Leecosmetic has more than 10 years of experience, providing the most professional makeup remover private label solutions, responsible for product research and development, production, packaging design and other links, ensuring 100% product quality and compliance with international regulatory requirements.

Cooperation with OEM/ODM manufacturers

Leecosmetics will strictly manage the production process according to the formula requirements, perform production operations such as mixing, heating, and stirring, so that the raw materials are fully mixed and evenly produced to produce the highest quality makeup remover. With more than ten years of industry experience, the most advanced manufacturing technology and management model, the makeup remover manufactured by leecosmetics will not clog pores, avoid causing skin problems such as acne, and is easy to clean without leaving residue.


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5.Packaging process of makeup remover

During the production process of makeup remover, leecosmetics will carry out strict packaging process. The makeup remover will be strictly sterilized and disinfected before packaging. There are many packaging options, you can choose bottled, bagged, etc. For details, you can contact leecosmetics experts to provide you with customized solutions for makeup remover products: https://leecosmetic.com/contact-us/


private label makeup remover

6.Quality control of makeup remover

During the entire production process, leecosmetics has already established a strict quality control system, including raw material inspection, production monitoring, finished product inspection, etc., in line with international ISO standards.



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