About private label makeup fixer spray: market trends, manufacturing and brand operation

As a makeup essential, makeup fixer spray has huge sales volume every year and has a very stable market demand. Basically, most cosmetics brands, such as MAC, Urban Decay, NYX, Skindinavia and other brands, have launched a variety of makeup fixer spray products to seek more market share.

After years of market cultivation, in 2023, cosmetics consumers’ requirements for the effect of makeup fixer spray are increasing, including waterproof and sweat-proof. These changes in market demand have prompted brands to invest more R&D funds in the formula, packaging design, and versatility of makeup fixer spray to expand the innovation space of cosmetics.

Although the market demand for makeup fixer spray is large, it is also one of the most competitive segments in the market. Private brands should continue to innovate makeup fixer spray and brand building, and invest more funds and energy in marketing to expose their brands more and let consumers remember the value of the brand.

More noteworthy is that cosmetics consumers have high requirements for product quality, safety and efficacy. After private label makeup fixer spray is launched on the market, it takes continuous time and effort to build consumer trust and strengthen its own advantages.

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How to stand out in the makeup fixer spray market?

Since some well-known brands have already occupied a large market share, if you create a new private label makeup fixer spray, you need to first determine the market segment, so that this market needs to develop unique product features, formulas or functions to meet the needs of certain groups of consumers, make the product appear more unique, and attract consumers to try your product.

At the same time, in order to make consumers trust your brand more, it is recommended that private label merchants do some effective brand promotion, spread brand value according to effective marketing strategies, especially accumulate user evaluation data, and shape their own brand image.

Of course, as a prerequisite for brand reputation, you need to ensure the product quality of your own brand makeup fixer spray. You need to cooperate with a professional OEM cosmetics manufacturer, such as leecosmetics, who often have mature manufacturing technology and rigorous manufacturing processes, and can solve most of the problems of private label makeup fixer spray manufacturing, packaging, design, etc. for you, allowing you to focus on building the brand and gain consumer trust and reputation.

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Market trend of makeup fixer spray

Nowadays, people are getting busier and busier in life. Therefore, consumers pursue the versatility of cosmetics, such as repairing skin, concealing blemishes, and protection. At present, consumers prefer to buy makeup fixer sprays with sweat-proof and waterproof functions. In daily life, we may face the influence of various external liquids such as sweat, water vapor, rain, etc., especially in summer or during sports, sweat-proof and waterproof makeup fixer spray is particularly important.

Nowadays, people are more and more fond of outdoor sports and travel, and may encounter different climates and environments, which poses a huge challenge to the durability of makeup. When facing the hot summer, the human body sweats a lot, and the makeup will easily melt away. If you use a waterproof makeup fixer spray, the makeup will not melt and you can keep your beautiful makeup.


If it is not in summer, but at a wedding or important occasion, in order to avoid unnecessary worries and keep your confidence, sweat-proof and waterproof makeup fixer spray can come in handy. In special occasions such as stage performances, actors need to use sweat-proof and waterproof makeup fixer spray to maintain their makeup for a long time, which improves the comfort and confidence of users.

In addition, with the increase of consumers’ health awareness, the market demand for natural and organic makeup fixer sprays that do not contain harmful ingredients is gradually increasing. Girls pay more attention to environmental sustainability and prefer to use makeup fixer sprays that are environmentally friendly, made of recyclable materials, and have not passed animal testing.

Moreover, with the development of economic globalization, even in third world countries, the demand for women to buy cosmetics has shown a rapid growth. Due to different skin colors and skin qualities, the makeup fixer spray market tends to be customized. In addition, with the application of novel technologies, such as the improvement of aerosol technology and the innovation of long-lasting moisturizing formula, the user experience of makeup fixer spray products is also developing rapidly.

About private label makeup fixer spray market trends, manufacturing and brand operation


makeup fixer spray manufacturing process

1.Prepare the raw materials and equipment for makeup fixerspray, clean and check the production environment.

2.Accurately weigh the raw materials such as powder, oil, water phase and active ingredients according to the formula ratio of makeup fixerspray.

3.Add the raw materials to the mixer in sequence and mix them evenly.

4.Some ingredients may need to be heated to dissolve.

5.It may need to be processed by homogenizing equipment to make the makeup fixerspray delicate.

6.Adjust the pH value of the product according to the formula requirements to improve the skin adaptability of the makeup fixerspray.

7.Add auxiliary ingredients such as fragrances and sunscreens.

8.Sterilize the makeup fixerspray.

9.Package the makeup fixerspray, such as automatic filling and labeling processes.

10.Inspect the appearance, pH value, stability and microbial testing of the makeup fixerspray.

11.Store qualified makeup fixer spray products by batch number and keep good archive records.

About private label makeup fixer spray market trends, manufacturing and brand operation3245

hot sale long lasting sweatproof waterproof makeup fixer spray 

How to create a private brand makeup fixer spray?

To create a private brand makeup fixer spray, you need to customize the product features according to market demand in advance. Only by being different can you have a competitive advantage. On this basis, determine the formula ratio and raw materials. Due to fierce market competition, you need to determine a more appropriate pricing strategy. You can formulate a pricing strategy based on cost, quality and market positioning to control prices and improve competitiveness.

Creating your own brand means that you can fully control the product production process and ensure product quality. At present, most brands cooperate with private label makeup fixer spray manufacturers, such as the most well-known one at present – leecosmetics – in the field of makeup fixer spray design and manufacturing, Leecosmetic has more than 10 years of experience, providing the most professional makeup fixer spray private brand solutions, responsible for product research and development, production, packaging design links, to ensure 100% product quality.

And it is more flexible to cooperate with leecosmetics. You can communicate with leecosmetics about your needs, conduct product research and development, innovation and promotion more flexibly, and adjust product strategies in a timely manner. Moreover, if you build your own brand, you can directly obtain higher profits and improve the profitability of the enterprise. Through the construction of the own brand of the product of makeup fixer spray, you can also expand more beauty product lines in the future and achieve brand expansion.


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