4 Keys to Building a Private Concealer Label Brand and Manufacturer Recommendations

Putting on makeup has become a necessary step for most girls before going out. Especially as Tiktok is increasingly used,girls have more opportunities to share videos on the Internet, which makes makeup more important. This allows more teenagers to learn makeup and try different makeup products.

When it comes to the choice of makeup categories, Generation Z is more pursuing exquisite makeup. In addition to necessities such as foundation makeup, lipstick, and makeup tools, powders, shadows, concealers, etc. that can improve the details of makeup are also becoming more and more popular.


About concealer

As a cosmetic that covers skin blemishes, spots, and dullness, concealer is generally used before makeup or after foundation. It creates a layer of coverage to make the skin look more even and smooth, reducing the visual impact of uneven skin tone. It can make girls more confident.

For example, acne, dark circles, spots, and scars left behind by people in adolescence can be covered with concealer, and they will look more natural. Therefore, concealer is one of the most popular products in cosmetics, and the number of brands is gradually increasing.

Currently, the world’s top five concealer brands include Estée Lauder, Maybelline, Shiseido, Lancome, Guerlain, and a large number of OEM manufacturers that produce concealers, such as well-known Manufacturer Leecosmetics.


Different types of concealers

Liquid Concealer: Light texture, easy to apply, strong covering power, suitable for covering acne, dark circles.

Cream concealer: thick texture, strong covering power, can cover larger areas of scars and spots.

Pen Concealer: This type of concealer is more convenient and suitable for precise correction of small skin imperfections, such as acne.

Stick Concealer: Smooth texture, strong covering power, can even out skin tone and cover dark circles.

Watery concealer: It has a refreshing texture and good breathability. It is suitable for oily skin and those who like a clear makeup look.



How to create a private concealer brand?

1.Understand the market trends of concealer

When building a concealer market brand, you cannot completely imitate other brands, otherwise it will lead to a lack of market competitiveness. It is recommended to understand the market trends of concealers and understand which products consumers are more inclined to buy in the future. Concealer market trends in the next ten years:

Natural ingredients: Although most skin cosmetics now indicate that they are suitable for sensitive skin. However, many people believe that natural ingredients are less irritating to the skin, and from a psychological point of view, people are more assured of cosmetics with natural ingredients, which reduces people’s anxiety about the skin.

Multifunctional concealer: People nowadays are busy and hope that a cosmetic product can fulfill multiple purposes. At present, some manufacturers have launched multi-functional concealers, such as products with multiple functions such as covering blemishes, modifying skin tone, skin care and sun protection, to cater to the needs of today’s users.

Personalized customization: With people’s demand for personalized makeup, the cosmetics market is also constantly segmented, requiring manufacturers to provide products customized according to skintype.

Long-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof: Consumers are improving the water-proof and smudge-proof performance of concealers, hoping to maintain the durability of concealers so that girls can enjoy the weekend with more confidence.

Technological innovation: Many cosmetics manufacturers are continuing scientific research and developing new patents, allowing some concealer products to combine new formulas, micron technology and optical principles to improve the concealer effect and make the makeup look more natural.


2.Partner with a private label concealer manufacturer

Currently, many cosmetics brands in the world entrust OEMs to produce concealers. If you’re looking to create a private label concealer, it’s recommended that you work with a cosmetics manufacturer. Such as the well-known manufacturer Leecosmetics.


The reason for cooperation with Leecosmetics is simple: It has 30 years of experience in cosmetics design, manufacturing, and R&D. You can buy concealer wholesale at a lower cost without having to invest heavily in building a factory and building a factory manufacturing team to help you get More profits.

Contact us:https://leecosmetic.com/contact-us/

Moreover, because Leecosmetics has undergone strict certification and has many years of experience in manufacturing processes, technical equipment, it can ensure that your concealer products are of good quality and worthy of your trust.


3.Establish an attractive brand image

Establish an attractive brand image, including naming, logo design, product packaging and marketing materials, and clarify the brand’s positioning, whether it is high-end luxury, affordable, or professional beauty, so that consumers can easily remember it. You can express your brand’s core values in your cosmetics story, such as rejection of animal testing, sustainability, diversity inclusion, and more.

brand image

For example, suppose a cosmetics company launches a concealer called “Blossom Glow” for Japanese customers. How to establish a brand image? From the perspective of packaging design, the concealer can be designed with a pink cherry blossom pattern, which is in line with Japanese girls’ aesthetic preferences for sophistication.

“Blossom Glow” can be positioned as a gentle and blooming female brand, advocating natural beauty and confident attitude, and conveying the brand concept of “every girl is a unique flower”. Then start a promotional campaign on social media platforms, invite beauty bloggers to try and review the products, and collaborate with well-known makeup artists to demonstrate the effects of the products.




4.Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to make marketing more effective

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, including social media marketing, offline promotion activities, website construction, etc. Cooperate with retailers and online platforms to expand sales channels.


Clarify who the target market is, including demographic information such as age, gender, region, income,formulate targeted marketing strategies, and launch promotional activities to attract consumers such as full discounts, gifts, and limited-time promotions based on holidays, promotional seasons, Special offers etc.

For example, if you want to sell your concealer in the Japanese market, you should take into account the characteristics of Japanese consumers. Japanese girls prefer concealers that are lightweight and easy to use. Considering Japan’s changeable climate, girls prefer waterproof and sweat-proof products to avoid makeup loss.


5.Regularly monitor sales data and accept customer feedback

Regularly monitor sales data and customer feedback to continuously optimize products and marketing strategies. Establish good communication channels with customers and listen to their suggestions and opinions.



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