The Complete Guide: How to use Highlighter

In a world filled with possibilities, anyone can be anything. Be it a police officer, doctor, engineer, pilot, soldier, pop star, or even a glimmering disco ball, you can be anything.

As long as you know what you’re doing and how you’ll do it, there is no doubt you will shine in the end. However, even if you don’t want to shine like a disco ball you can work on the things about yourself and let those shine and speak for you rather than it be you talking about them. Oh, the things that makeup can teach you. And when it is the case of highlighters, what is not there for it to teach?

For those unacquainted with what a highlighter is, it is basically one of the many beautification apparatuses that women and men alike use to accentuate certain facial features and bring about a subtle or blinding glow from within. To talk about how long have highlighters been around. Newbies would say, a couple of years but the past says otherwise.

Highlighters have actually been around since the 40s and 50s when the most prominent figure Marilyn Monroe was well known for her glimmering, shiny and stunning skin.

Coursing our way into the present day, famous makeup artist Nam Vo has birthed the “dewy dumpling” trend which is basically representative of the dewy almost “wet from sweating” look that has taken the internet by storm.

The main goal for these types of very interesting and s is to look fresh and trick the eyes to look like there’s no makeup although there is but in a minimal amount. Of course, taking the skin type and condition into consideration your makeup application needs might differ.

Although the idea of glowing is quite intriguing, one can overdo their highlight and ultimately end up looking like an unideal disco ball at the end.

But worry not! There is a way out of this and of course through this blog hopefully you’ll be enlightened with the dos and don’ts of highlighting.

To start off simply l, highlighting is exactly what you did in school when you studied important subjects l. Just how to highlight the important bits and leave out the bits that don’t seem important to you. It is the same thing.

Types of highlighters:

Before highlighting, one must be aware of the type, purpose, and, most importantly, the look you’re going for.

Highlighters are mainly of 3 types:

  • Liquid
  • Cream
  • Powder

Each of the above has its own finish, purpose, formula as well as a method of application. So, when using any of these abovementioned highlighters you have to be sure about what you’re outing on and whether or not that will make or break your makeup. So, let’s learn how each highlighter works.


So, a liquid highlighter, as the name suggests is a versatile product to use if you’re going for a natural no make-up makeup look that’ll suffice for a powder highlighter. A liquid is often used pretty much with a sponge, a brush, or with your finger which is arguably the best tool you could have. Using this highlighter is quite easy as long as you can locate the high points of your face and body. The high points are essentially those parts that stick outwards forming your profile.

Liquid highlighters bring such a boost to your whole face with one smooth application over the top. A liquid highlighter essentially brings out your natural facial features to make them shine. A liquid highlighter however often may get mistaken for an illuminator, don’t confuse the two. A liquid highlighter is used to accentuate your facial features and liven up your entire look. To bring more shine, glimmer, and sparkle to your whole look. Although it may seem to function the same way, to add shine, it’s really in the application procedure and purpose where the difference essentially lies. An illuminator adds an overall luminous glow to your face that is more subtle and natural. An illuminator is essentially used right with your moisturizers and primers to add a subtle glow that really comes through once you’ve applied your foundation. So in summary, an illuminator is applied directly after you apply foundation and before blush. This will give you a noticeable glow. If you want a subtle glow, however, you should apply the illuminator below your foundation. Dab the illuminator on your cheeks.

The key to finding the difference between liquid highlighters and illuminators is to know which one is used as what and how it is sold. Knowing them both can prove to be extremely helpful in minimizing certain mistakes and confusion.

Another factor one keeps in mind is that highlighters, liquid, of course, have shades and tones so picking out the right toned highlighter will certainly help as well.

For the fair-skinned, silver, lilac, pink, or icy cool tones, and shades will fit your skin tone the best since they are essentially such beautiful colors that coincide and collaborate with fair and light skin complexions.

For medium-skinned, golden, peachy, champagne-pigmented highlighters accentuate not just the facial features but also the tone and natural complexion of your skin.

And finally, for the dark-skinned, it is much advised to them to find shades that are more inclined towards the gold or bronze kind. As you might on the dark-skinned model, the golden and bronze shades suit them the best as using any other shade would result in a very ashy look.

The following are some of the best liquid highlighters that are sold out there:

– Makeup born to glow liquid illuminator

If you have dry skin then, it is one of the best highlighters you can ever get!

– Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Liquid Highlighter

Sometimes even after fair skin, you need to use highlighter for brighter skin and make your face glow a little more.

– About-Face Light Lock Highlight Fluid

This will work if you need the most pigmented highlighter in your home. It will help you look better than everyone else but yeah make sure you use it in a limited amount so that your skin does not get affected by it.

– Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

Yes, it is the best liquid highlighter you could say, it is good for all skin tones, be that skin where melanin secretion is more or skin which is fair, you can use it everywhere.

– Glossier Futuredew

The long-lasting highlighter. It lasts on your skin for a longer duration, so you do not have to apply it after intervals rather you are going to get the glow once and it is going to last for a longer duration.

– Danessa Myricks Beauty Illuminating Veil Liquid Highlighter

Searching for a highlighter for people with dark skin tones? No problem, there’s one for you too.

If you use it you cannot say you will look fair but yeah if it matches your skin tone then you are going to look much better than you were looking before.

– Live Tinted Hueglow

The best overall highlighter which you will get is this one. You can have it anywhere since it is easy to carry and amazing to look at.

– Fenty Beauty Liquid Killawatt Fluid Freestyle Highlighter

Most people generally use highlighter for the shimmer and you can use it too, so it’s the best highlighter that you can use for shimmer.

It makes you look brighter, more beautiful, and more elegant than everyone.

– JLo Beauty That Star Filter Highlighting Complexion Booster

Do we have highlighters for matured skin?

Yes, we have, we even have the best highlighters for matured skin. Start using it, you’ll automatically feel the glow you needed.

– Freck Beauty Slimelight Highlighter

Are you an actor or an actress? Yes, then you have got an amazing highlighter for making your acting more energetic than before. Start using the same, you’ll glow differently no matter what!

– Iconic London Illuminator

One of the best Vegan formulas.

– Makeup revolution highlight reloaded raise the bar

A good highlighting product should melt into your skin to seamlessly blend and lend you that youthful glow. Meet Makeup Revolution Highlight Reloaded – Raise the Bar that does just that and more. This ultra-pigmented formula is concentrated with shimmering pigments that instantly light up your complexion without leaving tell-tale highlighter stripes. If you need even more than this then use it with any cream which will make it the best!

– Nykaa Strobe and globe liquid highlighter, Gold mine

This highlighter serves the best when you get this on your skin, giving you a beautiful dusky look with everything looking perfect.

Get the perfect look with the help of these highlighters. You know that using a highlighter is a must for you. Highlighter not only makes your face luminous but also cherishes your personality and boosts it with utmost confidence and pride. Go to your favorite online or offline stores right now!

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