How to use Face Powder in the Winter Season

Cosmetics, commonly known to most of us, as Make-up, are mixtures of chemical compounds mainly used to enhance one’s physical appearance, and also to improve one’s Skin & Hair-care.

Each one of us wants to look our best. After all, our Physical Appearance is one of the first qualities people notice. It boosts our self-confidence and has a great impact on how people perceive us, and the kind of impact we want to create on people around us, whether it is, in our Social Circle or Workplace. Building a healthy lifestyle boosts the health of our Hair and Skin, way more than genetics and age. But it requires a lot of effort and time, and living in the Millennial age, where everything everywhere is a rush; we often ignore the most important aspects of our health and beauty, leading to several untimely problems. Now you might be wondering that just eating healthy and following a simple routine can do wonders for your skin and hair, and help you escape from using alternatives of beautification. But, hold on! What if, I say that even after building up a prompt hair and skin routine, and following a healthy lifestyle, there is another major factor that affects your physical appearance?

Winter is here! While most of you are shivering in the chilly winds, there are people like me, enjoying the cosy days, sipping coffee, and escaping acne-related problems, without doing anything. As the days get shorter, and nights become cold, so do the problems of our lips chapping, skin drying and snowflakes falling from our scalps increases. Enjoying the weather is a choice, but repelling the problems it brings along, isn’t, and that’s how Weather becomes the second most important factor that influences our Skin and Hair-care. Now, trust me, it’s natural to feel frustrated and helpless, for having to deal with dry-cracked skin, disturbed regular hair care habits, and also having to manage a healthy diet and lifestyle while, going to work and living life and managing billions of other things disturbed by the weather, and being tensed about your physical appearance.

But that is where the Cosmetics come to the rescue!

Cosmetics, or make-up, may be derived from natural sources or man-made following the dermatologically approved chemical formula; have a very large range and vast purposes. Some are used for the primary setting base while others as decoration. And in this piece of writing, we’ll be mainly talking about one such product, the Face Powder and how to use it effectively in the Winter Season of Dryness. Face Powder is a cosmetic powder applied on the face, to serve different purposes like hiding skin blemishes; be it a spot, mark or discoloration, setting the overall make-up right into place, and on the whole for beautification of the face, making it bright and rightly contouring. The ideal properties of face powder include good covering power, should adhere perfectly to the skin and not blowing off easily, good absorbent properties and must have enough slip to enable the powder to spread on the skin using the puff and most importantly, making the make-up last long. It comes in two forms:-

  • Loose Powder: This variant is more finely milled, in comparison to the Pressed Powder, gives the skin a smooth and silky finish, and is naturally dry in its original form, and henceforth, is best suited for people with Oily Skin, and on the whole, in Summer Season. It is an excellent product for those who desire lighter coverage and can be settled into fine lines and wrinkles if used in a large amount or not dabbed properly. The #Tip1 is, to use it in small amounts, invest time in dabbing properly, and brush off the excess. The best part about Loose Powder is the fact that it doesn’t require a prior Foundation, and also helps control the oil production by absorbing the excess throughout the day.
  • Pressed Powder: This variant has a semi-solid formula, has talc as its first ingredient and is comparatively easier to use and provides more coverage and sometimes be even used alone as the foundation. It is a great product for people who want a healthier complexion and is ideal for touch-ups, using simple tools like a fluffy brush or powder puff, and doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles, but rather makes the skin even more radiant. The #Tip2 is to use a very tiny amount to prevent your face from getting a heavy look and overall, cakey and is best suited for Dry Skin, and henceforth the Winter Season.

Why use: Face Powder

In simplest terms, Face Powder is a light dusting that helps give a perfect finishing touch to flawless makeup.

  • It helps to make the makeup last for a longer duration.
  • It helps in even-toning the skin tone.
  • It helps absorb the excess oil produced, especially for people having naturally oily skin.
  • It helps boost the protection against harmful rays of the Sun. Although it alone isn’t enough and can’t be substituted with SPF, it does play a countable role.
  • It also helps in hiding the minor imperfections of the makeup.

How to Pick: The right Face Powder

  • For the lighter skin tone, it is recommended to opt for a pink undertone, with one or two shades lighter than the original skin tone.
  • For the deeper skin tone, it is recommended to opt for a yellow or orange undertone, that exactly matches the original skin tone.
  • For the dusky skin tone, it is recommended to opt for a brown or copper-toned shade for a perfect finish as it fixes the uneven skin tone and helps cover unnecessary tan for natural luminous skin.
  • For people with Dry Skin Type, a matte finish powder is recommended as a bad choice as it may make the skin look even drier. And even mah opt for a cream-based face powder or translucent fixing powder. #Tip3 Products with active ingredients like Vitamin E are just the go-to pick.
  • For people with Oily Skin Type, a matte finish powder is highly recommended and is ideal for preventing excess oil secretion. One must avoid powders that claim to be shiny and give an extra radiance as they may make the face look greasy and oily. #Tip4 A sweat-proof or water-proof face powder is the magic you need. #Tip5 Rubbing an ice cube gently all over the face, before starting the make-up magically helps in controlling excess oil production and minimizing the pores.

Quick Tips :

  • Match the Right Shade: A face powder must be the same colour as your skin. One must be proud of their skin tone, and never use cosmetics such as a Mask to cover their natural beauty and opt for something they are not.
  • Choose the Right Finish: Be clear on using a subtle shiny finish or a natural glow to add to your natural complexion.
  • Pick the Right Texture: A good powder has a lightweight, milled texture. And it must blend and glide on your skin smoothly without creating wrinkles or fine lines and not a cakey look.

Steps: How to use Face Powder properly in Winter

Step 1: The very first step is to give the Face a nice cleanse. Considering the weather conditions, it is recommended not to use either Cold or Hot water, as one will cause too much sensation and dryness, while the other will peel off the skin and make it sensitive, and in the worst case, even burn it. #Tip6 Always use Lukewarm water, and make sure to wipe your face off with your towel or soft tissues, and never with a public cloth.

Step 2: Absolutely nothing is as important as using moisturizer on your face. Winter brings massive dryness with it, and moisturizer is the messiah to save it from any damage. Make sure to apply a good layer of moisturizer, not too less and not too much, balance is important. The amount your skin can absorb is the perfect one.

Step 3: Start applying your dry makeup. #Tip7 To prevent any further dryness that can be caused using dry make-up, one can switch to using a Liquid Foundation, especially if a satin coverage one is accessible. Also, a Hydrating Primer is a big thumbs-up.

Step 4: In general, the powder is to be applied after the entire process of basic make-up is done, but it can also be used throughout the application procedure. So the very first step is to pour the Face Powder on the lid of the container or any flat surface, enough to swirl the brush. #Tip8 Putting the brush directly in the container can make the powder blow in the air, and even the brush carrying too much powder leads to wastage.

Step 5: Before rushing the brush to the face, it is super important to tap the brush on the edge of the container and remove the excess powder and henceforth, avoiding further chances of creating dry areas and fine lines on the face and making it cakey as a whole.

Step 6: Generally, the face powder is dense while applied initially on the face, and henceforth it is mostly recommended to start with the area the user wants to be the shiniest. #Tip9 Experts suggest starting the application on the Forehead and then on the nose and following the chin.

Step 7: A decade ago, the trend of Heavy Make-up with Face Power being spread all over the face was bang on. But in the era of GenZ, instead of carrying a face like a cake of powder, it is advisable to use the face powder on targeted zones, mainly the ones that need it the most, like the chin, nose or maybe TZone and not the entire face.

Step 8: Start the application of the powder on the fact and concentrate on the areas where the need is the most, be it the TZone, as it is the area which mainly gets oily, and requires the shine, or the forehead, nose and chin.

Step 9: If the user’s skin is naturally oily, they can add a layer of powder on the cheeks, over the blush and contour, to increase the chances of make-up staying on point, for a longer duration. On the other hand, if the skin is naturally dry, especially in the Winter Season, this procedure can be skipped.

Step 10: Winter is just the time to ace the pink-cheeks game. From stale basic make-up, to a bright and rosy-cherry-peachy look, a blush can change the game. Along with it, highlighters can be used to bring an extra shine.

Step 11: One must conclude their basic make-up, with a hydrating face mist. It helps in preventing the skin from looking dusty and sets the Face Powder well, giving it the required moisture. The add-on advantage is the beautiful scent it carries.

Now, from talking about the importance of face powders, the variants, a simple guide on how to choose the perfect one considering the skin type along with skin tone, some quick tips that are surely life saviors and finally the procedure of applying Face Powder perfectly in Winters, we’ve come a long way together. Concluding to which, I would love to end the piece with some final twitch. Just, make sure to moisturise every day, and switch to petroleum or cream-based moisturizers. Stop using harsh face cleansers and avoid taking long hot showers. Apply lip balm twice a day, and if possible humidify your face to lock the moisture. Do not forget to use SPF even on foggy days, and avoid getting tanned under the winter sun. Let us make the most out of this beautiful season while protecting our skin from the torture of harsh weather. Only with the usage of the right products with the correct method, we can ace our physical appearance, boosting our confidence and combating any challenge that comes across.

As has been rightly quoted, “Life isn’t perfect, but make-up can be.. ” Adding to which I’d say, Weather can’t be perfect, but your make-up game can be!

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