Marketing challenges you will face with wholesale eyeshadow palettes

The cosmetic industry is one of the most challenging industries to get into. With its cutthroat competition, if you don’t have proper guidance, it is going to be hard for your brand to survive! In our years of experience as a private label eyeshadow palette manufacturer, we have seen many brands fail miserably and succeed enormously.

If you also want to start your wholesale eyeshadow palettes business, your success solely depends upon your marketing efforts. But marketing for the cosmetic industry is evolving at a very fast pace. As wholesale eyeshadow palettes manufacturer, we have closely seen which marketing challenges you are going to face. And for your convenience, we have explained them below.

1. Digital world:

If you are not utilizing the digital landscape, your private label eyeshadow palette brand is as good as dead. Gone are the days when all you had to do was put out a billboard and give brochures to random people on the street.

If you want to make sure that your marketing budget is utilizing its full potential, you will have to use Google, Facebook and other ads. Most of the brands nowadays utilize a mixture of both online and offline marketing efforts to maximize the impact.

2. The millennial era:

According to research, millennials and Gen X contribute to 50% of online sales. They have become the most important demographic out there. Anyone born in the 90s is referred to as millennial, and anyone born in the 2000s is referred to as Gen X.

These generations have literally grown up with technology, they are also much more tech-savvy than any other generation. They are also extremely woke and want corporations and brands to utilize their resources for the betterment of the society.

To target this important demographic, you will have to smartly use digital and influencer marketing.

3. Multipolarization:

Multipolarization in marketing terms refers to a situation when customers consume specific products of different brands at the same time. This results in low customer loyalty. Unfortunately, cosmetic and beauty consumers rank the lowest in terms of brand loyalty.

This is why you will need to market your private label eyeshadow palette brand continuously and aggressively! Otherwise, your consumers will switch to another wholesale eyeshadow palettes brand.

4. Lack of trust:

Another problem with the private label eyeshadow palette business is that cosmetic consumers are not very “trustworthy”. There have been many incidents when heavy and dangerous metals were found in cosmetic products. Due to such incidents, consumers are scared to try out new products.

This is where influencer marketing comes in. People will only try out a new product if someone recommends them. So, if they see one or more influencers are giving your private label eyeshadow palette a shout out and trusting your brand, they will likely give it a shot.

5. Luxury is more important than convenience:

This doesn’t mean that your wholesale eyeshadow palettes should be inconvenient, but a luxurious look goes a long way. If an eyeshadow feels and looks good, there are high chances that it will be able to sell for a greater price.

This is why packaging plays an important role in your cosmetic business. Remember, the consumers can’t gauge the quality of your cosmetic products. Their decisions are solely based on the packaging of cosmetic products. So, make sure that you are putting enough thought into your product and packaging design.

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