How to do eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow makeup can be said the simplest process. It plays an important role in making the makeup on your face more outstanding and charming. About eyebrow makeup, you need to make it clear on what you are supposed to prepare. And figure out where the eyebrows should begin and end.

   What you should prepare

  •    An eyebrow tweezer or trimer:

No matter what your eyebrows are like, before applying eyebrow makeup, an eyebrow tweezer or trimer need to get ready to trim the excess eyebrows. If you use a tweezer, the effect may stay for a relative long time. But it can bring you a momentary feeling of pain. While a trimer can trim your eyebrows in short time, but you may need to use it weekly.

Then, if your eyebrows are too long to be exquisite, use a handy eyebrow scissor to trim the length. Therefore, you can get neat eyebrows.

  •    An eyebrow pencil:

Eyebrow pencil is a common eyebrow product. It can not only create a complete eyebrow makeup, but also help shaping the eyebrow for you. In contrast to other eyebrow products, eyebrow pencil is the most convenient tool to give your eyebrows an approximate shape. So, prepare a Leecosmetic wholesale eyebrow pencil in advance.

Before shaping your eyebrows, you need to comb your messy eyebrows with an eyebrow brush, which may be included in the eyebrow pencil. If not, you need to prepare a separate eyebrow brush.

eyebrow pencil eyebrow pencil eyebrow pencil

   How to find you eyebrow shape

Before giving your eyebrows a shape, you can find out four points on your eyes and eyebrows: inner and outer corners of your eyes, the wing of your nose, and outer edge of your eyes.

  •    Find the begin points of your eyebrows

Point up the Leecosmetic shaping eyebrow pencil. Set the eyebrow pencil close to the wing of your nose, and point to the inner corners of your eyes. The intersection of Leecosmetic wholesale eyebrow pencil and your eyebrows is where your eyebrow should begin.

If the actual begins point goes beyond the ideal point, use a trimer to trim carefully. If the actual begin point haven’t reach the ideal point, you can apply the eyebrow pencil to fill.

  •    Find the ideal arch points

Look straight forward, and point the Leecosmetic wholesale eyebrow pencil to the direction of the outer edge of your iris. Then, you can find where your arch should be.

You can adjust the position of your eyebrow arch with a trimer. To a certain degree, the arch of eyebrows determines the style of eyebrow makeup. The eyebrow makeup with high eyebrow arch looks shrewd, while eyebrow makeup with low arch looks mild.

  • Find where you eyebrows should end

Hold the eyebrow pencil close to the wing of your nose, and point to the outer of your eyes. There is where your eyebrow makeup should end.

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