What kind of eyeshadow is more friendly to a beginner?

A good eye makeup can add a lot to the whole makeup look. It can deepen the eye contour, enlarge your eyes, and even make your eyes look more luminous. But at the same time,applying eye makeup may be a big difficulty for makeup beginners.

When applying eyeshadow, some beginners may find that the finished eyeshadow makeup does not look as good as they thought. So, what kind of eyeshadow products should a novice choose? What shades of eyeshadow are suitable for a makeup novice? If you are a cosmetic seller, what kind of eyeshadow should you recommend to beginners?

An eyeshadow at good quality is essential when applying eye makeup. The quality of eye shadow is mainly determined by the following points.


When the eyeshadow with good extensibility is applied, it should feel smooth and shade evenly. Touch your fingers with some eye shadow, and push it on the back of your hand.  If the process of pushing it is smooth, especially the eyeshadow containing glitter. If the pushed eyeshadow is lumpy or uneven, the extensibility will not be good.

The fineness of powder

The fineness of powder plays an important role in the quality of eyeshadow. The finer the powder particles, the stronger the eye shadow’s adhesion to the eye skin, and the better the makeup effect.

When choosing, you can dip some eye shadow with your thumb and forefinger and rub it out carefully. If the color of eye shadow can be extended and does not remain in the folds of your fingertips, it means that its powder is fine


The pigmentation of eyeshadow is closely related to the texture. Eye shadow with high pigmentation can add color to your eyes easily. When applying eyeshadow, makeup novices may start with a small amount to prevent too heavy coat of eyeshadow on eyes.

For makeup beginners, we have some other suggestion for reference.

Single-color eyeshadow

In contract to eyeshadow palettes, single-color eyeshadows can be freely combined. And the price is also relatively low. In general, two or three single color eyeshadows can create a nice eyeshadow look.

Single-color eyeshadow is also a good choice for people that want to create a bold eye makeup. Because single-color eyeshadow also includes various unusual colors like yellow, green, and red, etc.

Leecosmetic is a professional wholesale eyeshadow manufacturer. We provide all kinds of novice-friendly eyeshadow alternative. Our customization service includes textures, shades and packaging, and so on. All can be fully customized according to your needs.

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Eyeshadow with unified color tone and rich texture

The unified color tone helps you create a perfect eye makeup,which is harmonious in colors. It is also easy to apply for makeup beginners. Textures in an eyeshadow palette includes glitter, matte, shimmer. An eyeshadow palette includes several textures brings clarity that makes the eye makeup stunning.

An eyeshadow palette meeting the above two points is enough for a novice to create an everyday eye makeup.

Low-saturation colors

As for the eyeshadow colors, low-saturation colors are more friendly to beginners, such as light brown, apricot, creamy curry, etc.

The earth tone shades eyeshadow are highly used and have a clear sense of swelling, so there is a high probability that you will not make a mistake when applying them. If you want to experiment with eyeshadow overlays, you can choose shades of brown eyeshadow with different shades.

And from the perspective of a seller, you can recommend single color eyeshadow in earth tone for beginners, and provide as many color choices as possible for those with makeup experience. For the single-color eyeshadow in unusual colors can be a good addition to those with enough eyeshadows.

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