What is lip mud

Lip makeup is a fancy field of makeup. From lipsticks to lip glosses, the segments of these lip makeup products are mainly differentiated in terms of texture, color, rendering and wetness.

Among them, lip gloss is used primarily to give your lip a glossy luster, and sometimes add an unobvious color. The texture of lip dye is very thin and very pigmented, and it is not easy to fade, but it is more difficult to remove makeup. According to the different degrees of moisture, liquid lipstick can be divided into mirror liquid lipstick and matte liquid lipstick. The former has higher moisturizing, while the latter is close to the lip mud.

What is lip mud

As the name suggests, lip mud is a lip makeup product with a mud texture. When this product is applied to the hands to try the color, you will see obvious particles, and the texture is dry. After applying, the lips will show a matte soft mist finish. With the features of good ductility and strong concealer, a little thick coating will easily appear lip plumping effect, which is popular in Europe and the United States beauty industry.

If you like effortless makeup, lip mud can be a good choice for you. Lip mud can give you a matte lip easily with light pigment.

lip mud

How to apply lip mud

When it comes to the apply of lip mud, the main tool is your hand. To be exact, your finger.

Before applying lip mud, make sure that your finger you use is clean, especially with no other makeup residue. Then dip a proper amount of lip mud with your finger or the built-in blush. Finally, pull the lip mud away on your lip until the ideal lip makeup effect is achieved.

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