Is the makeup cosmetics still increasing rapidly in 2021

With the development of the Internet, people’s concept of beauty products has changed, and many people no longer think that makeup is a troublesome thing. On the contrary, in today’s society, people’s mental outlook is the first business card displayed to outsiders. A good makeup can add a lot of points to people’s first impression. This situation can be applied to all aspects of life.

In recent years, with the continuous development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of residents’ income level, with the development of the Chinese market by major cosmetics companies in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the concept of cosmetics consumption of domestic consumers has gradually increased, and the scale of domestic cosmetics market has expanded rapidly.

From 2015 to 2020, the consumption scale of cosmetics in China increased from 204.9 billion yuan to 340 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of about 8.81%. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, the total retail sales of cosmetics in China in 2020 was 340 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5% over 2019. The epidemic in 2020 had a great impact on the overall economy. Under this environment, the retail sales of cosmetics in my aunt’s casual reading can still maintain growth, especially driven by the “double 11” and “double 12” at the end of the year, the retail sales will grow faster.

At the same time, the sidelines associated with beauty products have sprung up like mushrooms, which makes some people smell business opportunities and seize the opportunity to prepare for a big fight. Even in the face of expensive prices, their love for beauty still makes them flock to it and even make great sacrifices.

With the maturity of network infrastructure, social networking and short video platforms have brought new traffic dividends. Many online media platforms have become the entry targets of many beauty brand industries. Some of these enterprise brands, with the labels of “cheap”, “good-looking” and “new fast”, quickly attracted the hearts of post-95 users active in the network.

The construction of digital middle platform based on Socialized platform marketing and the controllable supply chain system are the main reasons for the current beauty industry to stand out. For brands, focusing on marketing means and flow effect can bring immediate results to brands, but they alone can not create long-term brand value. Because in the industry, beauty is a technology industry. Compared with some large brands with completely independent production and independent R & D capabilities, small brands need to survive and do more.

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