Chinese men are more and more fond of makeup

In recent years, from exquisite boys to the popular “human high-quality men” on the whole network in July this year, all reflect that Chinese men pay more and more attention to beauty.

The new product is slightly concerned that more and more Chinese men have long been no longer simply satisfied with hair care, sports fitness and fashion wear, and began to work hard on their faces, or even spend a lot of money.

According to the 2021 men’s makeup online consumption report released by cbndata on October 13, men’s “face project” is improving, and the “other era” of makeup consumption has come.

The report cites the insight data on men’s Tanabata consumption released by cbndata and Hupu. It shows that makeup and hair management is the male modeling element second only to wearing and wearing. The consumption scale of Chinese men’s online makeup is expanding year by year. Since 2019, the consumption scale and consumer population of men’s makeup are increasing year by year.

Why do Chinese men love beauty more and more?

Male make-up has become a hot consumption spot in recent years. What impressed the new products a little is that a female online friend once tweeted, “my boyfriend knows more about make-up than I do, and there are more make-up products than I do, and they are more skilled than me.”

So it seems that when her boyfriend loves beauty and makes up better than herself, her little sister starts to feel anxious. She can’t do without beauty.

So, why has the male beauty market developed so fast in recent years? In terms of new products, it can be seen from three aspects: social diversification, change of men’s consumption concept and market factors.

First of all, from the perspective of the overall environment, the society is increasingly diversified, and the acceptance and tolerance of men’s make-up are significantly improved.

Three or four years ago, both women and even men were biased against makeup. At that time, men simply used basic products such as facial cleanser and moisturizer, but great changes have taken place in the last two or three years.

In fact, the most important thing is that society is increasingly diversified. Under the influence of the concept of beauty first in recent years, not only men’s requirements for themselves have increased, but also their partners and even the whole society have higher requirements for men’s beauty. It can be said that men’s love of beauty is the result of the continuous improvement of self aesthetics and social aesthetics.

According to a previous survey conducted by Weibo, in 2015, 31% of users “resolutely opposed” men’s use of cosmetics, while 29% of users expressed “resolutely supported”. By 2018, the proportion of users who “strongly support” has soared to 60%, while the proportion of users who “resolutely oppose” is less than 10%.

When society is no longer biased against men’s make-up, people’s tolerance of men’s make-up continues to improve, and the era of men’s face is ending the “make-up bias”.

Secondly, men’s consumption concept is changing and they are willing to pay for their appearance.

In the past, there was a market view that men’s consumption power ranked at the bottom of the family consumption chain, with the saying that “men’s consumption power is not as good as dogs”, but now this situation has obviously changed.

For example, a previous market survey data showed that male users open Taobao seven times a day, only three times less than female users. The proportion of male users of mobile Internet is higher than that of women. Men often spend more money on a single transaction than women.

Third, market factors such as social e-commerce, live broadcasting with goods, online red grass and so on guide and drive.

To stimulate men’s love of beauty, market driving factors have played a great guiding role.

In recent years, various TV and online variety shows have become popular, imperceptibly guiding the concept of men’s beauty makeup. The development of mobile e-commerce, especially the emergence of new shopping forms such as social e-commerce and live delivery, has obviously driven the sales of men’s beauty products.

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