How to Build Your Foundation in Cosmetics Manufacturing?

If you are looking to start up a cosmetics manufacturing unit then you have come to the right place. This article serves your purpose very well.

Before digging deep into the topic, it’s damn important to highlight the basic steps for a successful business.

The journey from manufacturing, improving, modifying, and finally selling has a lot of steps to be followed from start to end. Oh yes, this is not written to scare you before starting itself rather it’s just going to give you an idea of what all steps you have to take while thinking of setting up a cosmetics manufacturing unit.

The first and foremost step towards starting a cosmetic foundation is-


It’s something that will differentiate the best from the rest.

Don’t hurry while planning. Most businesses commit this mistake. There remains a knot in the thread of their supposedly smooth business.

Untie this knot by proper planning, analyzing, and overviewing the cosmetic products perfectly.

Planning describes strategies that you’ll have to grow the business. Strategize your techniques so well that you become very clear about the actions to be taken in the future. Do brainstorming and jot down every single idea you get from different sources and your brain.

As a coin has two sides, so is cosmetic manufacturing-

The first side of the coin is preparing and the second one is the packaging.

Let’s flip the coin twice today and see both sides of it.

 1)Preparing the product

Knowing the importance of how specific you have to be while preparing a product is the same as supposing that you’ve got a skin infection because of using a specific cosmetic product.

Feeling that itching, looking up those rashes and pimples which can lead to another skin disease and your business might be at a loss if this happens. So you shall have a proper testing technique while preparing any product if you find a single doubt in something, you need to redefine your product without that particular element. This will increase your knowledge and experience as well as your sales.

2) Packaging the product

It’s a world of ostentation- the more you make your product look attractive, the more people get attracted to it, it is just like the way you got attracted to lipstick because it was shaped like a unicorn or like a Barbie. You couldn’t resist spending your money because of its beautiful packing. So you should also start being unique while you think of any of the products your company will make.


To be an off-beaten competitor, you’ll have to be p², which denotes – perfect and precise.

While making your product you can not leave any stone unturned to make it the best one. It should be perfect in packaging and shall be efficient.

Your product must not be improper to be tackled rather it should be comfortable to hold and perfect to look at so that people find it attractive and buy it without giving a second thought about it. Many popular companies have nothing extraordinary in their products rather what’s uncommon about them is just the way they make their product affordable and beautiful at the same time.


You’ll have to be very picky while formulating the products since your ingredients must include everything essential and should give you better results, since changes are necessary at every moment so you should also keep refining your product while trying new ingredients which give you the best result at affordable prices.


It doesn’t matter whether you blend or smash your raw materials what matters is how you present them.

Some more aspects to be kept in mind are-

Raw materials used should be economical and shall allow better results.

Make sure you have a testing team that keeps a check on your product’s scientific background.

Then comes the LAY IT OUT process-

Now, it’s time to start naming the product, whether it’s a lotion. A cream? or whatever you’ve made, and you should have labels don’t forget to mention its sustainability on the label.

Then it’s time to analyze a few more points-

It’s color, consistency, and clarity. Even if you don’t get the results you wished for while preparing your product, relax it is just the first time you have given it a try. Push yourself and start again.

Once you get your vision successful in the product, look to preparing your products. Think of how many cosmetic products you’ll make and how much raw material you need to make them. Once the products are prepared it is time to start making them.

Treat it as an experiment, and use the hit-and-trial method to get the best results. Follow your formula and record your observations.

You’ve given the practical now it’s time to get it checked so is your cosmetic product on which you just experimented. Let your product be kept at room temperature and you can start taking the measurements such as pH, melting point, boiling point, and all. Make sure its color, texture, and everything is maintained at room temperature and does not require any special conditions.

Keep revolving your eyes towards regulations as well so that there’s no controversy since each state, country, and region has its regulations to be followed and they are implemented for health and safety reasons only if you find anything doubtful keep evolving your products in the best way.

Once your products are finally ready to be shipped off then there’s a need to think of storage. How and where are you going to store your product well before shipping?

So it’s essential to keep your storage space organized to keep your product carrying costs low and make sure that the conditions are well settled to keep your product fresh and safe. Your storage space should have proper environmental conditions so that your product does not get damaged.

Once you start getting orders, it’s time for Shipping, since cosmetic products are quite delicate so to protect them you should consider packaging made up of leakproof material and you don’t have to skip out to take shipping insurance so that even if something goes the wrong way you don’t have to regret giving it from your pocket.

Here, comes a checklist that is obvious to check whether you are already an artisan or a fresher planning to start the business.


It is determined by four main factors:

1) The fees for your product

This is another important factor, every person has a relationship with the world of cosmetics be that a person who is as poor as a rikshaw puller or as rich as an actor. So the fees of your product must be low to get it sold at a low price. You should select your raw materials in such a way that your product gets an affordable selling price.

2) Your Manufacturing overheads

You’ll have to calculate the costs of regulations, licensing, and permits for the overheads. They appear to be less expensive but they are not. You should have permission to use the raw materials for formulating your products.

3) Marketing and advertising

This is another aspect of any successful business which needs to be taken care of. You need to be very specific about the content which you publicize. It should be short and crisp and shall communicate everything clearly and loudly.

You might be having a lot of marketing strategies in your mind, but as a rule of thumb, what’s more, important is something like:

Developing a press kit

Email marketing

Social media

4) Sales Channel

Nowadays, physical stores aren’t flowing with the flow, since after such a pandemic situation everybody has become a couch potato right? so it’s essential to have omnichannel sales strategies such as:

-Social media

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and many more are quite helpful in increasing sales.


Some people still do not believe in online shopping so they prefer to see everything very minutely and increase sales by giving certain feedback.

– E-commerce

This also has an important role to play in the cosmetic industry.

5) Feedback Allowance

You should have a platform where people can post their reviews about the products. By this, you get an idea that where you need to improve and which product has better sales. You should not take the feedback negatively rather you should keep a check on your products to make them better the next time with the improvement desired by the customers.

People who will read the feedback should be very polite in answering each one of the customers since that would determine the reputation of your company.

This concludes all the essential things you’ll have to do to create another success story in the world of cosmetics.

Now, it’s time to execute the plan which you have made without giving it a second thought.

It’s business that is giving you wings to fly.

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