Here are some eye shadow mistakes you should avoid

Our eyes get more attention than any other feature on our faces, and there is no doubt about that. As far as looks are concerned, big beautiful eyes can do magic and add so much to the look; and this is why the proper application of eyeshadow is crucial. Good eye makeup can enhance your eye shape and add depth, dimension, and beauty to your Eyes.

It goes without saying that it does not make others point out your flaws if you have attractive and appealing eyes. This is the reason why eye makeup artists are so in demand, and eye makeup involves so many products.

Whether your complexion is fair or dark, you can always manage to look spectacular if your eyes are appealing. It’s the eyes that grapes the attention, and that’s why there are so many poems and songs written about the eyes of the beloved. A lot of women around the world struggle with eye makeup and most of them don’t even know the different types of eye makeup.

You all are so busy with concealer, lipstick, foundation, and blushes that you forget about the most appealing feature of your face and forget how much extra effort it takes, and ignore the fact that your look is only complete with good and proper eye makeup.

Eyeshadow looks like a pretty straightforward product, just one swipe and you are OK to go, but that’s not the case. Nothing worse and Crazier than poorly applied eye makeup. “Eyeshadows deserve respect.” You can play with your eye dimensions by using the eyeshadow, Cleverley.

Most common eyeshadow mistakes that women around the world unknowingly and unwillingly make.

Matching eyeshadow to your clothes color and your eye color

Sigma rule: Never match your clothes and your eyeshadow; you can choose a color from the same family but not wholly the same. Try dazzling up your eyes with the little contrasting shades. Eye stands out when you pair them with the shade opposite on the color wheel. A large number of Indian women have dark brown eyes. You can, and you should try new colors and play with your eyes to make them pop where shimmery contrasting Shades and smokey effects.

Forgetting to blend

Not blending enough is the most common mistake made by women All Around The World. It is super cool to experiment with different colors and layering them on lids but not blending enough will make your eyes look tacky. A visible color between creases and brow bone, and a velvety and seamless finish are the idea and the goal.

Not using more than three colors at a time on eyelids is ideal, and it even looks more wearable. Try combining different colors like Sunny yellow, watermelon pink, and warm shades of blue, and make sure that they are blended well, so the final eye looks well finished.

Using shadow applicator 

Use of makeup brush instead of the sponge tip applicator. The sponge applicator tends to pick excess pigment making the blending challenge.

Going too heavy below the eye

Only opt for a heavy below-the-eye look if you are going for a goat look. Eye Shadow bleeds in humid conditions, eventually giving you dark circles and making you look tired. First, dab under the eye area with concealer and then apply eyeshadow but only in the lower lash line and not further below.

Using very bold eyeshadow shades

If you want to make a statement, do it with a stand-out neckpiece. Using extremely bold Shades is the last thing you should do unless it’s a Halloween party. Try going with natural-looking colors like brown, plum gray, etc., and you can also apply white eyeshadow right below your brow and on the inner corner of your eye.

Avoid using shimmery shadows on dry lids.

As your eyelets are delicate and prone to creases and lines, the use of light shimmer draws attention to lines and wrinkles. Try selecting a matt or satiny finish for a glam look.

Skipping eyeliner and mascara

Remember to finish up your eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Eyeliner and mascara create an outline on your eyes, giving them a more Ravishing look.

Skipping eye primer

Your eyes look faded by the end because you skipped the prime step of the primer.

They help to keep shadows from falling on their face and stay longer in their eyes.

Dry eyes

The soft skin around your eyes needs to be hydrated and moisturized all day and night. There is no point in putting effort into eyeshadow if your eyes are not well taken care of; you can try cream shadows instead of powdered ones if you struggle with dryness.

Applying way too much

Going overboard and putting too much on a brush is easy, but it makes it tough to blend, and that’s how your eyeshadow ends up falling on your face. Try going little by little; this trick always helps.

Skipping lower liner 

You might think that putting Shadow on your lower eye might make you look like a raccoon, but never skip this step; this makes you look a little incomplete. Use a small brow brush for the delicate area, and you are good to go.

Do not curl eyelashes after mascara. 

Try curling your lashes before applying the mascara, and this will help open up your eyes instantly. Use an upward stroke while applying the mascara; if you apply before curling, then you will be left with clumped lashes that could be more attractive.

Doing eye makeup after doing skin makeup.

Eyeshadow particles can fall on your under-eye area if you apply eye makeup after foundation and concealer. It becomes very hard to clear unless you have the powder in your under-eye area. Protect your under-eye with setting powder.

Concentrating eyeshadow at the inner corner

Dark Shadows should be applied at the outer corner if you want to brighten the eyes. The bright Shadow should be at the inner corner for the required look.

Use of liquid products over powders products

Always use liquid products before the Powder products, as they help to set the cream in place. If you do it the opposite way, then it will either look cakey or flaky.

Applying liner and mascara before eyeshadow

Apply your eyeliner and mascara after the eyeshadow if you want your liner to be correctly visible and stand out; otherwise, the eyeshadow will hide it.

Not using eye primers with dark colors.

It is a beginner’s mistake not to use an eyeshadow primer; even though it isn’t much of an issue, it can sometimes be a problem. Applying primer before the eyeshadow will be a help as it catches the eyeshadow and there won’t be gaps along the area.

Here we have got a list of 10 must-have palettes for you with texture and rich pigments that will help you succeed with any look you want.

With Blend the rules eyeshadow palette from sugar.

You can unleash your inner artist and create masterpieces every day; they are super pigmented and are extremely smooth, and incredibly easy to blend. They have a wide range of 17 matt and, extra cream, metallic; they come with the double-ended applicator with a round blending brush and doe tip sponge at the two ends.

Forget about the mistakes that you did. Well, now you know what to do and what not to do. Also, you know how to fix those issues. Let us help you find a few eyeshadow palettes that can give you the astonishing look that you’ve always asked for.

Manish Malhotra 9-in-1 eyeshadow palette. 

They are perfect for a night out or a sunny day out. They glam and glow; they are sleek like liquid, metallic and soft like cream. From smoldering, smoky eyes to an attention-grabbing color and everything in between, the Manish Malhotra 9 in 1 eyeshadow palette delivers statement and powerful colors in three luxurious finishes, metallic, foil, and matte.

One swipe is all it takes to get ready with powder-free, creamy, and long-lasting shades.

Maybelline New York, the 23-carat gold nude palette eyeshadow 

If you enjoy the flash of the camera, then Maybelline’s 24-carat gold nude palette is specially designed for you. With a variety of stunning colors blended with glittering gold pigments, the palette includes 12 makeup hues.

With simmering golds, nudes, and dark smoky tones, this palette is ideal for creating a wide range of dramatic looks.

Makeup revolution reloaded from Nykaa.

If you want to have it all, this eyeshadow kit is the one for you. It contains 32 hues in one palette. A fantastic range of dazzling tints, matte tones, and existing shades lets you achieve the look you aim for.

Lakmé 9 to 5 eye color quarter eyeshadow. 

This 9 to 5 palette comes with four dazzling colors to create a beautiful sparkling look. Even the brand name Lakmé, makes you feel supreme. Doesn’t it?

The colors are easily blended and pigmented, and it comes in a quarter box. The best way to work shades is to combine them all for a dewy pink effect. It’s very long-lasting so you can wear it on a regular basis, and it’s pretty cost-effective.

Colorbar hooks me up eyeshadow palette. 

This get contains seven gorgeous warm tones and vibrant color that makes it a perfect pic for Indian women. These shadows are very long-lasting and highly pigmented. They are easily blendable and look great. They are also budge-proof, crease proof, and smudge-proof.

L’Oreal Paris La palette

You will be ready to play up anything gold with this L’oreal Paris palette; this collection contains glamorous hues ranging from the shuttle to solids, pink, rich gold, and even purple in 10 total shades; these hues are all laced up with 24-carat gold for a lit appearance.

L.A. girl beauty brick eyeshadow 

Perfect for any girl who wants to stand out, this palette has 12 super-pigmented bright and vibrant Colors. The kit includes a dual-sided eye makeup brush, and it’s a sturdy case which makes it ideal for traveling.

Kito Milano’s smart cult eyeshadow palette 

Smart Cult eyeshadow comes in 12 different eyeshadows in gorgeous hues. The palette has a compact design with a large-sized inner mirror, this is an all-shiner eyeshadow, and all the tints are very pigmented and sparkling. They perform well with a wet brush.

Smashbox cover shot eye palette. 

The Sunlit yellow hue is the ideal summer palette with its lovely and vivid spring colors. All the colors are very pigmented and easily blendable, so you can always create a dramatic look. Will you be able to find such a palette that is perfectly splendid and within the financial barriers of your life too? Go Grab it now!

M.A.C. eye shadow X 9

For novices, M.A.C. eyeshadows are a fantastic choice. But it is also an excellent option for beauty lovers. This palette is well-curated for smoky brown tones. They can be applied wet and dry and they give a Ravishing deep matte finish.

Few Tips and Tricks for eye makeup:

  1. Always prime your lids.
  2. You should use a high-pigment eye pencil (in dark brown, black or brown)
  3. If you want to get a smooth line, gently hold your lids.
  4. Bolden up those lines.
  5. You can try contouring the crease to get bigger eyes.
  6. Use a lash curler before applying your black mascara.
  7. You can try doing your brow tails.

Don’t you desire to flaunt your way into that wedding of your brother? Don’t you want to look like a unique bridesmaid? Convert your mere imagination into reality by decorating your eyes with these tips.

Do not forget to keep all the mistakes in your mind that you need to avoid. Also, you must remember that innovation comes from within. Don’t go to social media to compare your looks with anybody. Go to the mirror and respect your talent and never stop being creative. Stay in touch with us!


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