Top 10 Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers in Florida by 2024

What cosmetics contract manufacturers are there in Florida,? What are the best private label cosmetics OEM factories in Florida?

Leecosmetic compiled data from global cosmetics news and industry reports and listed the list of “Top 10 Cosmetics Manufacturers in Florida in 2024”, establishment date, main products and services, minimum order quantity, advantages and disadvantages, etc. Most of these manufacturers can provide services ranging from cosmetic formula development, packaging design and manufacturing. Some manufacturers are also involved in over-the-counter drug development, marketing and financing services.

Cosmetic Manufacturer Locations in Florida


Top 10 Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers in Florida

1.Medpak Solutions

Address: 11961 31st CT N St. Petersburg, FL, 33716

Founded: 1985

Introduction: Medpak is a comprehensive private label cosmetics manufacturer in Florida. Its main products include eye cream, skin essence, facial mask, cleanser, face cream, tanning lotion, shampoo, hair spray, shower gel, body lotion, night repair cream, collagen cream.

Certification: COSMOS, ECOCERT, USDA, FDA, GMP, etc.

MOQ: 2500 units

ETA: 30 to 60 days

Advantages: This is an early established private label cosmetics manufacturer with rich industry experience. Its product lines cover multiple fields and can provide one-stop cosmetics industry solutions.

Top 10 cosmetics manufacturers

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2.Evora Worldwide

Address: 7935 114th Avenue North Largo, FL 33773

Founded:  2012

Introduction: Evora Worldwide mainly produces skin care, hair care, bath and body care products, and provides specific gravity (sg), pH balance, viscosity, appearance (aesthetics), odor, microbial and stability testing.

Certification: FDA, cGMP, UL, ISO 22716:2007

MOQ: 5,000 units

Advantages: Although it was established relatively late, its main business is relatively specialized, mainly focusing on care products, with a diversified product line and providing multiple testing services, which is conducive to product quality control.

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3.InSpec Solutions, LLC

Address: 330 Carswell Ave. Holly Hill, FL 32117

Founded: 2017

Introduction: Headquartered in Florida, InSpec provides personal skin care products and medical device contract manufacturers. Its main product designs include skin care, first aid, bath and shower, hair care, ear care, baby, sunscreen, local analgesia, cough/cold, foot therapy, etc.

Certification: FDA, EPA, GMP, UL, ISO 9001

MOQ: 10,000 units

Advantages: InSpec covers not only cosmetics but also medical device manufacturing, which is a wide range, meaning that it is large in scale and has diversified manufacturing capabilities.

Disadvantages: InSpec covers a wide range of fields, which may lead to the dispersion of company resources and challenges in manufacturing processes.

Top 10 cosmetics manufacturers in Florida

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4.Tropical Labs

Address: 8625 Florida Mining Blvd Tampa, FL 33634

Founded: 1998

Introduction: Tropical Labs is headquartered in Florida and provides contract manufacturing services for personal care, cosmetics, perfumes, OTC, sports, and healthcare. It also provides additional services such as digital printing, graphic design, and marketing. In addition to cosmetics, its main products also include outdoor care, pet care, home care, and nutritional supplements.

Certification: FDA, USDA, GMP, Crueltyfree

Custom development delivery time: 8-12 months

MOQ: 2500 units

Advantages: Tropical Labs provides diversified products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Disadvantages: Tropical Labs’ management costs may be challenging due to its wide range of fields, which also means that it needs to strengthen its investment in innovation in the cosmetics field.


5.Prime Matter Labs

Address: 16363 NW 49th Ave Miami Gardens, FL 33014

Founded: 1983

Introduction: Prime Matter Labs is a contract manufacturer specializing in beauty, body, hair, skin, sun care and personal care products, providing creams, serums, moisturizers, shower gels, hair conditioners, gels and lotions, and can provide formulation, filling, packaging and shipping services.


MOQ: 1000 units

Custom development delivery time: 6 – 12 months or more

Advantages: Prime Matter Labs focuses on the cosmetics field, has rich experience, and can provide professional customization services. In addition to product manufacturing, it also provides follow-up services to reduce the subsequent burden on customers.

Disadvantages: It is highly dependent on the industry and is more sensitive to fluctuations in this industry, and needs to respond to market changes with caution.


6.Organimed LLC

Address: 12068 Miramar parkway Miramar, FL 33025

Founded: 2019

Introduction: Organimed LLC’s main products include anti-aging creams, capsules, tablets, tinctures, gels, lotions and ointments, and it provides contract manufacturing, R&D, testing, quality control, labeling, transportation and other services.

MOQ and production schedule: online consultation is required

Advantages: Organimed LLC provides products in various forms and types to meet the needs of different customers.

Disadvantages: Organimed LLC’s service areas involve multiple industries and multiple product types, requiring the company to have extensive technical capabilities and management experience, and management is relatively complex.

Top 10 cosmetics manufacturers

7.Simplicity Filling Systems LLC

Address: 6741 West Sunrise Blvd. Suite #5 Plantation, FL 33313

Founded: 2007

Introduction: Simplicity Filling Systems LLC provides B2B and B2C manufacturing services in the skin care and supplements industry. Products include beard oil, cleansers, face creams, eye creams, lotions, soaps, perfumes, massage oils, hair oils, sprays and scrubs. It also provides private label, packaging, fulfillment and financing services.

Certification: cGMP, FDA, BBB, FDA, Florida State Government License

MOQ and production schedule: online consultation is required

Pros: This company offers a diverse product line and provides a full range of services, among which financing services are the biggest feature.

Cons: Facing both B2B and B2C markets, customer needs change frequently, and it is necessary to respond flexibly to market changes.

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8.A,IG Technologies, Inc.

Address: Deerfield Beach, FL 33064

Founded: 1997

About: A,IG Technologies, Inc. is a Private Label cosmetic manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC), skin, beauty, sun care and personal care products, including cosmetics, creams, lotions, serums, gels, oils, conditioners, shampoos, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, iron oxide dispersions and hand sanitizers.

MOQ and production schedule: Online consultation required



Address: 7075 Kingspointe Pkwy. Suite 2 Orlando, FL, USA – 32819

Founded:  c. 2007

About: ACTIVE COSMETICS provides contract manufacturing solutions to customers of all sizes, such as large companies, retail chains, spas, hotels, beauty salons, dermatology and aesthetic clinics, veterinary clinics, etc. in the beauty market. The main products include hair care, skin care products, facial and skin care, bath and spa, pet care, etc.

Certification: cGMP, FDA, etc.

MOQ and production schedule: online consultation is required

Advantages: ACTIVE COSMETICS provides solutions for customers of different sizes, covers a wide market, has rich industry experience, and can provide customers with professional consultation and services.

Disadvantages: Covering customers of different sizes has high requirements for logistics and supply chain management.

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10.Pure Source LLC

Address: 9750 NW 17th St. Miami, Florida 33172

Founded: 1995

Introduction: Pure Source LLC specializes in the production of creams, lotions, gels, sprays and other products, providing formulation, filling, packaging, testing and manufacturing services for the personal care and over-the-counter drug industries. Main products are body care, facial care, hair care, over-the-counter medicines (acne, antifungal, minoxidil, numbing cream, pain care, sunscreen)


MOQ: 5000+. For bulk orders, the minimum order quantity is 4 55-gallon drums.

Formula development time: within three months


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