How to start a makeup business

From a long-term perspective, with the change of people’s consumption concept, the development of the beauty industry will occupy a heavier and heavier market share. And the development will tend to be more and more diversified.

As a makeup business beginner, what should you do to prepare your business and get your business off a good start?

Determine the makeup catalog you want to run

Before starting your business, you need to get clear on who you are. Then,  build connection between you and the industry that you will be in. So as to define what you can bring to your customers. Furthermore, what sets you apart from others?

In the premise that you do not have a full understanding of the makeup industry, whether you have sufficient start-up capital. It is recommended to start with a single category, which is the one you are most familiar to. In this way, the inventory pressure is less and the product quality can be better controlled.

Following the development of your business, you can expand the cosmetic lines. Remember, every decision on your cosmetic business should be deliberate and well thought out.

 FACE MAKEUP                                                                   EYE MAKEUP                                                               LIP MAKEUP

About developing the products

The most direct way is to choose from the catalog of product suppliers or through the recommendation of salesman. Generally, to better serve their clients, the salesman should keep up with the cosmetic industry trends. Therefore, the information they provide has a certain reference value. Combining the salesman’s recommendation with the local market situation, product development can have a general direction. Further customize your desired color, packaging, test the quality of the sample, and thus complete the product development.

Being a wholesale cosmetic manufacturer with over 8 years’ experience, Leecosmetic provides professional and thoughtful service for our clients.You can fully customize your cosmetic products easily with our help.

The other way is to browse through social media to get some information on trends and inspiration. The key points to developing a stand-out product in this way are your precise vision on cosmetic industry, the controlling of user psychology, and the long time spending on browsing. If you have a lot of experience and a unique vision on developing products, browsing social media may be can bring you a lot!

Develop your business strategy

Based on the capital and the analysis of the local market, you can decide that your cosmetic business will be run through offline stores, or an ecommerce platform, or even both.

If you want to start your business from an offline store, you will need to choose a location for your physical store, which can be thought small to begin with. For women are the main and target customers of the cosmetic business, the brick-and-mortar stores can be located in relatively high-traffic areas. Furthermore, if the decoration of your physical store (or online store) and the packaging of your cosmetic products can cater to women, you may be able to get your first customers quickly.

What’s more, whether you run your cosmetic business online or offline, you will need storage space for your products.

Choose a reliable cosmetic wholesale supplier

Wholesale cosmetic purchasing is key to making resonable profit. Choose the right cosmetic wholesale manufacturer, then twice the result can be accomplished with half the effort.

When choosing the supplier, we need to consider the following elements.

  • Start-up time

To a certain extent, the older the cosmetic supplier, the more production, more stable operation, more product lines, and more accurate control of product quality.

Founded in 2013, Leecosmetic, a professional wholesale cosmetic supplier, provides a full line of cosmetic in wholesale for our customers. Our products are sold in over 20 regions, and are highly praised for high-cost performance and good quality.

  • Qualification

Qualification is the most fundamental and the most important requirement to a cosmetic manufacturer. Only the cosmetics produced by an ISO and GMP certified wholesale cosmetic manufacturer can be sold worldwide. Of course, certain regions may have specific qualification requirements.

Leecosmetic has over 8 years’ experience on wholesale cosmetic. With ISO and GMP certified, our priority is product quality. All of our cosmetic are made from skin-friendly ingredients. And we can also produce cosmetic according to your formulas!

  • Customization service

In the long run, your business will inevitably need to have its own uniqueness to stay firm in the market. So a supplier who can provide professional customization service can help you a lot.

Leecosmetic provides professional and thoughtful customization service for our customers. We can produce products fully according to your requirements. If you don’t have your own brand temporarily, you can consider being an agent for our products in your country. We have two own wholesale makeup brands, whose products are all off the shelf with low MOQs. If you want to know more, welcome to contact!

Serve your customers well from your heart, and run your business with patience, you will be succeed one day and get a piece of the cosmetic industry!

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