Best Private Label Cosmetic Solutions: formula development, brand design and manufacturing

The history of cosmetics can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians were the first to use various natural substances such as lead, copper, and red vitriol to make eye shadow, lipstick, and facial decorations. They also invented lipstick and perfume.

With the arrival of the European Renaissance, cosmetics became a symbol of Europe’s upper class. Many nobles and royal members began to have their own exclusive cosmetic formulas, produced by royal manufacturers.

In the 19th century, some well-known brands such as Lancôme and L’Oréal were established. These brands established their own brand images through continuous innovation and marketing. Since the 20th century, more and more companies have created their own private brands of cosmetics. Some emerging brands such as Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics have emerged through social media and Internet celebrity effects, redefining the cosmetics market.

About cosmetics private label

Unlike companies that sell cosmetics as agents, private-label cosmetics have unique brand images, concepts and styles. Most companies will register trademarks and obtain formula patents, which are important intangible assets for the company.

Moreover, if you have a private label of cosmetics, you can build your own stable customer base. If you purchase cosmetics from other brands for sale, it will be restricted in many aspects. For example, the scope of use of the brand and the location need to be authorized and strictly adhered to, and you need to face many risks.

At the same time, the cost of purchasing products from other brands is often very high, and you do not have the pricing power, which ultimately leads to high purchase costs and very limited profits for you. Therefore, in order to expand profits and build your own business empire, you may need to have a private brand of cosmetics. However, if you lack huge start-up capital and have limited risk resistance, it is recommended to consider cooperating with Leecosmetic, a professional cosmetics ODM company, to purchase a one-stop cosmetics private brand solution.

About leecosmetic:

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What services does the cosmetics private label solution include?

Generally speaking, cosmetics private label solutions refer to a full range of services for creating cosmetics brands, including formula development, design, manufacturing and packaging. Generally speaking, it includes the following:

1.Product customization: Cosmetics private brand customization service providers will provide product research and development, customized formulas and packaging design services based on your needs, in line with the customer’s brand positioning.

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2.Cosmetics manufacturing: Cosmetic brand customization service providers are responsible for cosmetics manufacturing and purchasing high-quality raw materials to ensure that the products are safe from the source.


The process of cosmetics manufacturing usually includes the following steps:

1)Purchase cosmetic raw materials and quality inspection

2)Determine the formula ratio according to the product efficacy.

3)Mix, heat and stir the raw materials according to the formula requirements.

4)Sterilize the cosmetics.

5)Package the cosmetics in a sterile environment.

6)Conduct quality inspection on the finished cosmetics and finally launch them on the market.


International cosmetics manufacturing quality standards:

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice, that is, good production practice, product quality and production process are traceable.

ISO: Standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization, such as ISO 22716 (cosmetics GMP standard), ISO 9001 (quality management system standard), etc.

FDA standards: relevant standards formulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, applicable to the US market.

EU standards: EU cosmetics related requirements, applicable to sales to the EU market.

At the same time, they will strictly manage the production process and control product quality, for example, through a combination of technical sampling and manual inspection to control product quality.


3.Packaging design: Cosmetic brand customization service providers will help you design packaging, select packaging materials and customize packaging to create a specific brand style packaging for you.

4.Risk reduction: Since private label solution providers usually have extensive experience and resources, they can reduce risks in the product development and production process and ensure product quality and compliance.

5.Other support: The products produced by the manufacturer comply with international regulatory requirements, and ensure ingredient compliance, labeling specifications, and product safety, and provide support such as market research, brand positioning, and promotion strategies.


Leecosmetic: Provide professional cosmetics private label solutions

In the field of cosmetics industry design and manufacturing, Leecosmetic has more than 10 years of experience, providing the most professional cosmetics private brand solutions, responsible for product research and development, production, packaging design and other aspects. The product range includes facial, eye, lip cosmetics, ensuring 100% product quality and compliance with international regulatory requirements.

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Since the cosmetics industry changes rapidly, market demand may also change at any time, which means high risks. Leecosmetic’s private label solutions can help you save a lot of costs, avoid huge investments in self-development and establishment of production lines, speed up product launch, and reduce market risks.

Leecosmetic’s private label solutions provide customized options. You can choose customized products such as formulas and packaging designs based on your needs and brand concepts. We also provide market research, brand positioning, marketing promotion and other support to help you better understand the target market.

If you have any ordering needs in this regard, please feel free to consult our professional Leecosmetic consultants:

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