List of Top 5 Eye Shadow Manufacturers in China

Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.”

– Samuel Richardson

It has always been believed that our eyes are the windows to our soul, and this statement for sure, isn’t wrong. Every human expresses their emotions, deepest thoughts and even dreams through these lenses of life.  The eyes of a person are said to be most revealing, and even passing out the feelings that we must not say. From a person’s health condition to his/her intention, things they want to express and even nature – the eyes can give hints about the person.

Every day is a day you’ve never seen before, a chance to get better and bring new choices and opportunities. But life is very short. Hence, it makes complete sense to dress up our prettiest, like there’s no tomorrow. Bobbi Brown once said that, according to her belief, all women are pretty without make-up, but with the right make-up they can be pretty powerful. And while make-up is just the accepted routine, the thing we ladies often tend to forget about make-up is that the point isn’t to look like someone more attractive, as if there is a standard established that you have to excel, but rather the objective is to put your best face forward, literally. Eyes are especially the part, that is for sure a Crowd Puller, and not all of us are born with the perfect pair of eyes, and no dress can look good if one does not have beautiful eye make-up to compliment it. There is always this common perception that women are very complicated and it is very difficult to understand them. Here we won’t argue if they are complicated or not, but they are surely the most beautiful creatures in the world and believe in doing everything with the utmost perfection. The Eye Make-up Market in India has been estimated to be valued at $0.19 Billion in 2020 and has been forecasted to be worth $0.3 Billion by 2025. Seeing the large market size of the subcontinent, more than a thousand Locals as well as National and International Brands have entered and are supplying their products of all ranges of quality.  But since the majority population of the country falls in the Middle Class, the strongest factor a brand can hold is its Price Policy along with Quality.

China is the 2nd largest cosmetic consumer market in the world after the United States of America. And that’s why, importing cosmetics, personal care and beauty products from China is highly profitable due to its favourable quality at affordable prices and also the safe shipping of these products. Although the cosmetic market in India is growing day by day, at an exponential rate, even then in the fiscal year 2021, most imports of beauty and skin care preparations to India came from China with an import value of about 60 million U.S. dollars. The country known as the “World’s Factory”, China has industrial clusters and helps businesses have an easier chance to find a supplier with the right competence to produce products to their specialisations. Eye Shadow adds grace to one’s eyes. So when anybody talks about Make-up, eyeshadow is the integral part which adds beauty and makes you feel even more confident. With the rise of the market size, many freshers and start-ups wish to start their cosmetic line, and with this piece of writing, I’ll help you find the Top 5 Eye Shadow Manufacturers in China :

KASEY BEAUTY: Kasey Beauty is one the top Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers in China and has over a 10-year of OEM cosmetics experience that makes it easier and safer to help build brands and grow their business. This manufacturing company believes in quality, as their prime goal and achieving complete customer satisfaction as the central philosophy of their business. The central competitive power of Kasey Beauty can be summarised as, the Powerful Ability of R&D, the First-Class level of Quality Management, Quick Response to Customers effectively and being Nice to the Employees. The Private Label Eyeshadow Palette Service can be customised by the design and quality and the range goes from Luxury 8 Colour Eyeshadow Palette, Wholesale Makeup Vendors for Smokey Eyes, Hot 9 Colours High Nude Pigment Shades, Custom 12 Colours Eyeshadow Palette, and even Best Natural Naked Eyeshadow Palette etc. If you want to start making a Cosmetic line collaborating with this unit, the process can be conveyed in 8 simple steps: Choosing Makeup Formula, Testing Products through Samples, Picking Cosmetic Packaging, Choosing the Material Colours, Assembling the product and packaging, Storing products in Warehouse, and Delivery. This Animal Cruelty-free, unit can be contacted through:-

  • Website:
  • Office Tel: +86 579 85979509
  • Address: A4-41 Jin fu yuan, Yiwu City, Zhejiang, China.

AMZ COSMETIC: This manufacturing unit was started to make custom and quality makeup manufacturing easy and accessible. With 11 years of experience, 1000+ Happy Clients and 80,000+ Monthly Makeup Production Capacity, this unit makes itself different from others by offering 100% Custom Products, Low Minimum Order, a Wide Range of Products, the Best Value for Quality, a Convenient Ordering Process, Custom Labels & Packaging Options as well as Cost Effective for Large Orders. Their multi-disciplinary and all-rounded approach promises the perks of One-Stop Start for a makeup line, preventing wastage of resources or dead-stock by ordering MOQ of 100 pieces or even 50 pieces of one design, exceptional quality, offering creative ideas to life, and even offering reasonable and attractive tiered pricing for larger orders. The range of their Eyeshadow products goes from 117 Colours Eyeshadow Palette, 12 Colour DIY Eyeshadow, Graffiti Eyeshadow, 21 Colours of Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow, and even 23mm Square Customised Eyeshadow etc. This reliable unit has customers all over the world and has established brands, not only mature ones but also the newly founded brands of fashion bloggers and internet celebrities. This unit takes pride in their 20,000-square-meters production workshop that makes on-time delivery possible. The entire procedure can simply be quoted as, touching base with the unit to bring the idea and analyse the market, customers & competition, thereafter, submission of designs and logo, followed by, sourcing of suitable materials, containers and packaging for pre-production samples, then the delivery and checking of the samples, followed by bulk production and the approval and payment, to quality check, and their R&D Packaging Team makes sure the packaging is done focussing to serve the needs and compatibility, concluded with final payment. This cosmetic manufacturing unit can be contacted through :

  • Website:
  • Office Tel: +806 158 1589 3684
  • Email:
  • Address: Guangzhou, China.

AURORA GLOBAL BRANDS: Aurora Global Brands is yet another top cosmetic manufacturer specialising in the manufacturing of private-label makeup products for beauty brands worldwide. And if you’re thinking of starting your own white-label cosmetics brand, this is just the right pick! This unit has been working for over 2500 beauty brands around the world, out of which, most have been new start-up businesses and have proved themselves successful around the globe. With over 1000 makeup products and various packaging supplied, this unit offers a full range of cosmetics at the lowest market minimum. The company takes pride in offering the Lowest MOQ i.e. as low as 10 pieces of lipstick with your logo printed, supplying the most popular formulas and offering colour development, and while the production time on average is about 1-2 weeks, also offers a service of rush order and prototyping your customized makeup line formula and packaging it fast, has even partnered with over 20 packaging suppliers providing the best quality packaging along with a Quality Control conducted in each step of production, and also the lowest air express freight cost and also economical say of shipping by ocean. With Aurora Cosmetics, you can easily create your eyeshadow palettes lines for your beauty brand and pick from over 200 eyeshadow colours and choose a packaging to set your makeup brand, with variety like Coloured Pro Eyeshadow Palette, Nude Pro Eyeshadow Palette, Pressed Glitter Sample Pack (30 Colours), Single eyeshadow on VAC Tray, Rose Gold Jar, Refillable Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette, Green Eyeshadow Series and even Glitter Liquid Eyeshadows etc. With over an experience of 15+ years, and excellently supplying customers in 40+ countries, establishing 2500+ brands and generating 10,000+ Formulas, with 4 easy steps i.e. Try Samples, Pick Colours & Package, Submit Design and conclude with Production & Delivery, it is surely the one-stop-shop of private label suppliers with qualified customer service. Contact at :

  • Website :
  • Office Tel : +1 310 933 5923
  • eMail :
  • Address : No.11 Yujinggang Road, Shanghai, China.

AMLS BEAUTY: AMLS Beauty is a professional cosmetic Factory specialising in eyes, lips and face products. They have been building their position since 2012 and have found their place in cosmetic bags in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and even the European Union countries. The faith of this manufacturing unit lies in Connection, Symbolism and Prosperity and their principle is to help their clients succeed in business, providing customer affirmation and recognition that they have harvested through divine forces. Most of their employees hold an experience of over 10 years with many popular brands and concentrate on providing high-quality products. For a sample, this manufacturing unit, will ask you about your requirements regarding the items, followed by questions and suggestions, and after confirmation, samples are sent, and the cost is refunded if the order is placed. They also provide OEM and ODM services, the delivery time of samples may vary from 3 to 7 workdays, and for mass production, it is recommended to place the order 2 months before the need, to avoid any kind of shortage. Their eyeshadow product range goes from Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette in a versatile range of matte, shimmer and glitter, Customised Label Makeup Eyeshadow of 30, 9 Colour Style Eye Shadow Vegan, High Pigment Eyeshadow, to WholeSale palette. With over 200,000+ Customers worldwide and over 10 years of Industry Experience, and 13+ years of effective research, providing Vegan Products, Free from Animal Cruelty, SGS Certified, MSDS Safe, and Not Tested on Animals and even GMP approved, this is your perfect go-to place. For more information, this unit can be contacted through :

  • Website:
  • Email:

HEMAO COSMETICS FACTORY: This manufacturing unit, has been serving the beauty industry since 1998 with its first factory established in Huizhou, China where it gradually grew into a fully equipped cosmetic manufacturer since 2010, and continues to improve its production procedure and enhance its employees’ knowledge and skills. They are certified for SQP, HALAL, SA8000, BRC and ISO14001. Hemao Cosmetics offers a full line one-stop solution for their customer’s OEM, ODM and Private Label needs, and specialises in cosmetic gift sets along with packaging components. They also help their customers develop new products and assist them in selecting the best ingredients to meet their exact requirements. The advantages of manufacturing the eyeshadow palette with Hemao include: With Safe Ingredients, they provide no fragments and prevent any kind of allergy and are completely harmless and safe, as their key is to be very shiny and not pink, along with that, the eyeshadow is long-lasting and can easily be coloured with light smear, with colour being smooth and not powdery, making it suitable for daily makeup as well as weddings. The powder they use is also delicate and effectively prevents the eyes and surrounding skin from getting dry and rough. Their versatile colours are suitable for all kinds of people and their needs and The EyeShadow Palette range goes from Powder Eyeshadow, Cream, and Loose Glitter to Liquid Eyeshadows. On average, the mass production time may vary from 55 to 60 days, and the payment terms are 30% deposit and 70% before shipping. For further information, you can contact them :

  • Website:
  • Office Tel: +86 752 7119770
  • Email :
  • Address: No. 6 Community, Guanghe Development Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong, China.

Thus, we can now conclude that the cosmetics industry is one good industry to set your business in and earn not only revenue and profit but also consumers. But good quality must be ensured for your products such that you can beat the rivals of the competition. Hoping that this blog helped!


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